Liberty County Jail arrest report, June 28, 2018

The following persons were arrested and placed in the Liberty County Jail on June 28, 2018:
Denson, Christopher Bernard – Assault Impede
Dobbs, Daniel Paul – Assault Causing Bodily Injury
English, Lisa Marie – Interfering With Public Duties
Gulley, Justin Wayne – Aggravated Robbery
Guthrie, Brenda Dianne – Public Intoxication
Macho, Shawn Michael – Hold for Florida
Ornelas, Rosa – Open Container
Saravia, Henry – Public Intoxication
Young, Luke Martin – Hold for Walker County

Dobbs, Daniel Paul
Young, Luke Martin
Saravia, Henry
Ornelas, Rosa
Macho, Shawn Michael
Guthrie, Brenda Dianne
Gulley, Justin Wayne
English, Lisa Marie
Denson, Christopher Bernard
Austin Bank

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