Liberty County Jail arrest report, June 28, 2018

The following persons were arrested and placed in the Liberty County Jail on June 28, 2018:
Denson, Christopher Bernard – Assault Impede
Dobbs, Daniel Paul – Assault Causing Bodily Injury
English, Lisa Marie – Interfering With Public Duties
Gulley, Justin Wayne – Aggravated Robbery
Guthrie, Brenda Dianne – Public Intoxication
Macho, Shawn Michael – Hold for Florida
Ornelas, Rosa – Open Container
Saravia, Henry – Public Intoxication
Young, Luke Martin – Hold for Walker County

Dobbs, Daniel Paul
Young, Luke Martin
Saravia, Henry
Ornelas, Rosa
Macho, Shawn Michael
Guthrie, Brenda Dianne
Gulley, Justin Wayne
English, Lisa Marie
Denson, Christopher Bernard

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