Liberty County Jail arrest report, June 29, 2018

The following persons were arrested and placed in the Liberty County Jail on June 29, 2018:
Adams, Oran Frederick III – Amended Order, Sex Offender Failure to Comply/Register
Durden, Sudie Louise – Possession of a Controlled Substance
Jennings, Sarah Jean – Credit Card Abuse
Loughner, Nicole Lynn – Hold for Harris County
Parrish, David Ray Jr. – Unlawful Possession of a Vehicle
Sanchez, Lillan Amanda – Hold for Chambers County
Ware, Jammie Maroderick – Hold for Harris County
Woodle, Susan Marie – Hold for Chambers County

Woodle, Susan Marie
Ware, Jammie Maroderick
Sanchez, Lillan Amanda
Parrish, David Ray Jr.
Loughner, Nicole Lynn
Jennings, Sarah Jean
Durden, Sudie Louise
Adams, Oran Frederick III

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