Man reportedly claiming to be CPS worker attempts kidnapping in Cleveland area

A man reportedly claiming to be a Children’s Protective Services worker reportedly tried to take possession of three children at a home on CR 3251 in the Cleveland area on Saturday, July 14, authorities say.

Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the home regarding shots fired. When the deputies arrived, they spoke with the homeowner, who reportedly told them that a stranger, identified as a white male, entered the home without permission and began demanding that he was going to take possession of the three juvenile children in the home.

“The homeowner retreated to the bedroom with the children and the stranger charged after them, yelling at the homeowner. The stranger made a statement that he was going to take the kids after he killed the homeowner,” wrote Sheriff Bobby Rader in a statement. “The homeowner got a weapon and discharged four rounds into the ground. The homeowner and children then left the residence and ran across the street to call 911.”

When deputies arrived, they found the stranger walking down the road. As they approached him, the man reportedly clenched his fists and became aggressive.

“The subject resisted every attempt that the deputies made to arrest him. He pulled away from the deputies and began running away. The deputies caught him and used force to take him to the ground, so that he could be restrained and arrested,” Rader wrote.

The man is identified as Jimmy Dwayne Lackey, 36. He was transported to the Liberty County jail where he now faces charges of Burglary of a Habitation With the Intent to Commit Another Felony (kidnapping), a first-degree felony; Resisting Arrest, a Class A misdemeanor; Possession of a Controlled Substance, a state jail felony; and Impersonating a Public Servant, a third-degree felony.

Lackey is being held on bonds totaling $75,000.

According to Rader, the investigation that followed determined that Lackey did not know anyone in the residence and “admitted he was going to kill the adult male in the residence.”

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