Liberty County Jail arrest report, July 28, 2018

The following persons were placed in the Liberty County Jail on July 28, 2018:

  • Acosta, Beth Paula – Possession of Marijuana
  • Acosta, Debora Paula – Possession of Marijuana
  • Anderson, Ryan Morton – Speeding 10 percent or more above posted speed, Failure to Appear
  • Carreon, Luke Guadalupe – Driving While License Invalid with previous conviction
  • Castro-Garcia, Francicsco – Traffic, No Driver’s License, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
  • Chatman, Eddie Allen – Traffic, Driving Without a License, Hold for Online Solicitation of a Minor in Polk County
  • Garcia, Octavio Hugo – Possession of Marijuana
  • Rodriguez, Benigo Nava – Public Intoxication
  • Sowell, Kimberly Key – Parent Contributing to Non-Attendance
Rodriguez, Benigo Nava
Chatman, Eddie Allen
Garcia, Octavio Hugo
Carreon, Luke Guadalupe
Acosta, Debora Paula
Acosta, Beth Paula

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