Major League’s Mock surprises Splendora students

Tara Holliefield and Staci Ely, seventh-grade teachers at Splendora Junior High, were surprised to be visited by Garrett Mock, who was a pitcher for the Washington Nationals. 

Former Major League Baseball player Garrett Mock recently spoke to the Splendora High School varsity football team. He spoke to the team before school, but afterward made a surprise visit to the junior high.

Splendora Junior High (SJH) teacher Tara Holliefield was pleasantly surprised when Mock visited her 7th grade English class.

“My husband, Jeremy Holliefield, had former MLB pitcher Garrett Mock come to speak with the varsity football team before school. Garrett Mock is a speaker associated with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) organization and my husband met him through his speaking ministry when he spoke at our previous district,” said the SJH teacher.

“Another new 7th grade English team member Staci Ely shared an idea that she had at her previous school that went viral – a reading wall. Ely had celebrities such as Vanilla Ice, Sammy Hagar, Don Gay, Ty Murray, Darrell Worley, and Thomas Rhett share pictures of themselves reading to display on the wall. The reading wall turned into a hallway, which turned into numerous hallways throughout the school. So, we thought we should start one here, too!” said Tara Holliefield.

As she knew her husband was bringing Mock to the high school, she asked if he would get a picture for the reading wall.

“We were surprised when Mr. Mock not only showed up at the junior high, but offered to speak to our classes,” she said. 

The former MLB pitcher spoke to two seventh-grade classes about the importance of reading, shared his favorite book The Greatest Salesman in the World and participated in the reading wall. He also signed autographs, took pictures with students, and said he would invite his other MLB friends to take pictures for the reading wall.

SJH teachers Ely and Hollefield hope their reading wall goes viral, too, and Mock gave them a great start.

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