Rotary Club of Cleveland hosts Rotary Youth Exchange Student

The Rotary Club of Cleveland is hosting a Rotary Foreign Exchange student from Brazil, who spoke at the club on Sept. 12.  She presented a wonderful slide show about her amazing country.  She showed a picture of Brazil’s flag which represents the 27 states.

During her presentation she talked about the climate, the rivers, the 10 best natural resources and their economy.  Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee and the second largest producer of ethanol fuel in the world.

Brazil is known for its beautiful beaches and Foz do Iguacu (bigger than Niagara Falls).  Soccer is the most popular sport, and Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times. Fernando de Noronha is an island with limited space where many wealthy people visit.  Perhaps one of the best known events in Brazil is the Carnival, their Mardi Gras with lots of colorful costumes and fun.

When she was asked about her school in Cleveland, she responded, “It’s different.  In Brazil, I had 30 classmates and we were in the same room all day.  Here, I go to different rooms for my course schedule.”

Asked about her favorite class in Brazil and in Cleveland, she said, “Biology in Brazil, Robotics here.”


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