Splendora police officer injured by suspect after traffic stop

Splendora Police Officer Roxanne Castillo was injured in the early morning hours Saturday after a traffic stop on US 59.

A Splendora police officer was injured early Saturday morning when she was involved in a scuffle with a suspect following a traffic stop on US 59.

At around 2:20 a.m., Officer Roxanne Castillo stopped a vehicle that reportedly was driving erratically, making lane changes without signals. Once the vehicle was pulled over on the shoulder, she approached the vehicle and began talking to the 18-year-old male driver, according to Sgt. James “Troy” Teller, spokesperson for Splendora Police Department.

A traffic stop on US 59 in Splendora led to a chase by police.

“There was a lot of nervous behavior going on in the back seat of the vehicle. She asked if there were any narcotics in the car and was told one of the back passengers had narcotics,” Teller said. “As she approached the driver a second time, the back passenger slammed the

Joshua Callaway

back door against her and ran from police.”

Castillo used her tazer gun to stop the man from fleeing. He stumbled, and she jumped on his back to hold him to the ground.

“When she went to taze him again, he flipped her off of him and slammed her to the ground. She tried to fire her tazer gun a second time, but he kept on running,” Teller said.

When the call for an “officer needing assistance” was broadcast over the police radios, two Montgomery County Pct. 4 deputy constables raced to assist her, but they were delayed when the two vehicles collided as one exited the freeway. The two vehicles reportedly were totaled but the deputies were not seriously injured.

Meanwhile, the suspect ran behind the Busy Barn Daycare at the corner of First Street and Ipes Road in Splendora, where he was initially able to avoid capture.

A helicopter with the Texas Department of Public Safety was called to the area to search for the suspect by air.

“DPS had literally made one pass over the area and saw him hiding behind the daycare, but he took off running east on Ipes Road. The suspect turned down Bison Street and laid down in the backyard of a residence,” Teller said.

DPS maintained air coverage and directed a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office K-9 team to where the suspect reportedly was hiding.

“Once the K-9 was in the backyard, the suspect was given multiple commands and failed to comply. That’s when the K-9 was deployed. The K-9 detained the suspect, who sustained some minor injuries,” the sergeant said.

The suspect was identified as Joshua Callaway, 35, of Conroe. According to Teller, Callaway has an extensive criminal history and had outstanding traffic warrants out of Harris County at the time of his capture.

Police reportedly found a knife that was partially open on the concrete where the scuffle with police began.

Teller refused to speculate about what the man might have intended to do with the knife, but he’s happy that no one was seriously injured.

Castillo was treated and released after receiving four stitches and treatment for a possible concussion. She will be off work for a couple of days to recuperate.

Callaway is facing two charges – Assault on a Public Servant and Felony Evading. After his arrest, Patton Village Police Department, which responded to the distress call, transported the suspect to Conroe Regional Medical Center for precautionary treatment. He has since been released from the hospital and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

The other passengers in the vehicle that was stopped were released. Teller said they cooperated with authorities and forthcoming when questioned by police.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

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