UPDATE: Father claims shooting of baby with BB gun was accident

Zackaria James Knox, 21, of Cleveland, is facing a charge of Injury to a Child with Serious Bodily Injury for allegedly shooting his 7-month-old son twice with a BB gun.

Cleveland Police Department was alerted to the child’s injuries by Texas Rural Hospital, located at 300 E. Houston St., after the boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.

“Upon arrival, Officer Maria Rodriguez discovered that a 7-month-old child was with the child’s parents, when the child received injuries to the head,” said Capt. Scott Felts, spokesperson for the department. “The child had been shot in the forehead and the top of the head with BB pullets.”

During the investigation of the parents separately, Rodriguez reportedly discovered the parents had different versions of events of what transpired. Cleveland Police Department’s detective division was notified to assist Rodriguez with the investigation.

“While conducting the investigation, it was found that probable cause existed to believe the father was responsible for the injury to the child,” said Felts.

According to Felts, the weapon is a Daisy Co2 BB gun. The BBs hit the child so hard they broke the skin and embedded in his skull.

“They aren’t removing the BBs right now because it’s too dangerous for the child,” Felts added.

Late Monday night, Knox issued a statement to Bluebonnet News in which he admitted he was playing with the Co2 BB gun inside his house when it accidentally discharged.

“…I shouldn’t have been playing with a C02 pistol inside, yet alone waving it around carelessly. I honestly thought it was empty and was just trying to make some noise and play around,” he said. “I’m not making excuses for what happened. I’ve never been in trouble before nor thought I would ever be for something so serious as this.”

Knox restated that it was an accident and that anyone who knows him knows how much he loves his son.

“I’m just happy that he is okay and doing fine. Things could’ve been a lot worse,” he said.

After his arrest, Knox was held by police until he made bond. His bond was set at $25,000 by Municipal Court Judge Bob Steely.

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