Liberty PD: Telephone scammers using IRS, arrest threat to scare people into paying

Liberty Police Department is advising citizens of a telephone scam that is circulating in the area.

“We have received information that ‘telephone scammers’ are calling individuals in our area, advising that they are with the Internal Revenue Service and demanding payment for past due income taxes, and if they don’t pay them they will be arrested by the Liberty Police Department.  Normally they want the individual called to mail some type of ‘gift cards’ to an address that they provide,” according to a media release from Liberty PD.

The IRS does not do business this way, the LPD statement continues. The IRS instead will send you a letter via the United States Postal Service and will not call you unless you’ve initiated a correspondence with them first.  Next, they do not take “gift cards” as payment for past due income taxes.

Second, the Liberty Police Department will not make an arrest like they have described.

“Lastly, if you receive a call like this do not give them any personal information, such as your Social Security Number, bank account information etc.  Immediately hang up and call the Liberty Police Department and let us know,” the statement continues.

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