Hoffman: How to prevent a teacher’s ‘Moment of Weakness’

By Robert Hoffman, guest columnist

Klein Independent School District recently terminated teacher and wrestling coach Matthew Taylor Moses for having sexual relations with one of his students in his classroom. Court records indicate that Moses’ relationship with the student turned sexual after spring break in 2018, when he was consoling her about missing her ex-boyfriend. The student told investigators that three of the five sex acts took place in Moses’ classroom, KPRC News reported.

Moses claims that he had a moment of weakness while consoling the student in his classroom.

Teachers need to rethink and reflect about their professional responsibilities when instructing young adults. Always practicing high moral standards, no sexual relations should ever occur between a student and a teacher for any reason. In addition, this behavior should never take place in a classroom because excellent teachers should regard their room as holy.

This will deter a moment of weakness.

Furthermore, students must also uphold strong ethical standards and understand they cannot have a physical relationship with a teacher. Students should learn from teachers to prepare them for the future, but the relationship between them must stay as an honorable one. Students should only seek teachers for their knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, but not any further relations.

This will deter a moment of weakness.

Moreover, parents must educate their children that they cannot have a physical relationship with a teacher for any reason. Families know that students sometimes truly love their teachers, but these feelings must stay at a Platonic level.  This sacred relationship must always stay holy, and parents can lovingly teach their children that they will never forget what sacrifice teachers make to educate them.

This will deter a moment of weakness.

Finally, Texas law affirms if teachers have inappropriate relationships with students, they will face severe punishments.  Besides, having sexual relations with a student less than 18 years old could bring serious legal charges, including fines and possible imprisonment. Ultimately, the loss of an educator’s teaching license means he or she will never teach again in Texas.

This will eliminate a moment of weakness.

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