Cleveland ISD names Star Students

Every week during the school year, Cleveland ISD administrators and teachers pick students who deserve to be in the spotlight for the successes. Below is the list of students for the week ending Nov. 9, 2018:

Southside Elementary

  • Flor Rios: (Pre-K) Flor is a wonderful student in my class. She always is helping friends in need. I am so happy she is in my class this year. ~J. McArthur
  • Ximena Romero: (Pre-K) Ximena is such an amazing student. She always follows directions, and helps clean the classroom when it is time to go home. I am so happy she is in my class. ~J. McArthur
  • Jorge Lopez: (Pre-K) Jorge always works hard and makes good choices in class. I am
    so happy he is in my class. ~J. McArthur
  • Yoselin Tay: (Kinder) Yoselin works hard in class and is always willing to teach others something new in our classroom. She is a great addition to our dual language classroom. ~ S. Charlot
  • Dezarae Catano: (Kinder) Dezarae is a lovely and sweet young girl, who is kind, cooperative, and respectful to adults and her friends. She completes her assignments in a timely manner and always follows school and classroom rules. ~R. Nelson
  • Camila Benitez: (Kinder) Camila started a new school and she is working very hard! She is having a great time at Southside! ~A. Hagan
  • Kimberly Plata: (Kinder) Kimberly always tries her hardest and works hard to get along with her classmates. ~A. Hagan
  • Harim Marquez: (1st grade) Harim has a heart of gold and is making major progress in his reading skills. Way to be, Harim! ~L. Barillas
  • Sofia Martinez: (1st grade) Sofia is an outgoing, hardworking student. Her smile lights up the room and she tries hard to help others. I look forward to her smile each day. ~D. Slocumb
  • Ximena Marin: (1st grade) Ximena is a bright student who is always doing her best on every class assignment. ~P. Lopez-Velarde
  • Michael Cisneros: (2nd grade) Michael is a very dedicated student! ~J. Martinez
  • Andrew Gambino: (2nd grade) Andrew is progressing very well in math and science. Way to be, Andrew! ~J. Hendrick
  • Judith Castillo Perales: (3rd grade) Judith has incredible focus, works hard, and is very generous to help her classmates and her teacher. ~DG Armitage
  • Fernando Rodriguez: (3rd grade) Fernando strives to do his best in all subjects. ~J. Dumas
  • Alicia Guevara: (4th grade) Alicia is such an amazing student. She is very focused on doing her best and encourages those around her to do the same. Thank you for being so polite and kind! ~K. Eakin
  • Johana Romero: (4th grade) Johana is showing great progress in the classroom. She is always willing to help and trying her best to reach her learning goal. I am glad to have you in my class, Johana! ~N. Caraballo
  • Nelson Nicholas: (4th grade) Nelson has added so much joy to our class. He does his best with his class work with a smile on his face. ~C. Denby
  • Josue Hernandez: (5th grade) Josue comes to school with a smile on his face! He works hard every day to be a great student and community helper! ~M. Shepherd
  • Alondra Zuniga: (5th grade) Alondra is new to our class, and she has already shown that she is a hardworking student who is always on task. I really enjoy having her in our class! ~C. Davis
  • Riley Rodriguez: (5th grade) Riley is a leader in the class, she is always smiling, hardworking, and a team player! ~K. Wardlow
  • Fabiola Valadez: (5th grade) Fabiola is a true Star Student in her excellent participation, in the numerous school activities she is in. She is a role model for how she treats her teachers and how responsible she is with her peers. ~J. Pulliam
  • Karina Pineda: (5th grade) Karina comes to class with a smile on her face and is always happy. She asks lots of questions and is eager to learn all she can on whatever subject we are discussing in science. She is a joy to have in my class! ~B. Atkinson

Northside Elementary

  • Hayden Holst: (Kinder) Hayden is getting very excited about learning how to add! He puts his best effort into every assignment and is a good example for his peers. Keep up the good work, Hayden! ~A. Gorman
  • Sebastian Mats: (1st grade) Sebastian is a very hard worker in class. He is eager to learn and his reading has grown so much since the first of the year. He is always the first one to volunteer to help out with class jobs or to help a classmate. I love having Sebastian in my class. ~D. Burkett
  • Julian Moya: (1st grade) Julian is a hard worker and is very kind to everyone in his classroom. I am glad he is a part of my class. ~K. Jozwick
  • Oliviah Lilley: (1st grade) Oliviah is always on task and always completes all of her work, I am so glad she is in my class. ~K. Jozwick
  • Benjamin Pecina: (1st grade) Benjamin is always helping out his fellow classmates. He comes to school prepared and eager to learn every day. ~A. Williams
  • Aden Aretino: (2nd grade) Aden is a Star Student this week for exhibiting great citizenship and being a role model for other students. Aden always does his best and he does it with a smile! Thank you Aden! ~T. Blackburn
  • Axel Derramona: (2nd grade) Axel is a great bathroom monitor and helper! ~C. Cavitt
  • Kinsley Steinberger: (2nd grade) Kinsley is always being a role model to her peers. She
    is so very sweet and goes out of her way to help others. Thank you, Kinsley! ~T. Blackburn
  • Kingston Law: (3rd grade) Kingston is a very hard worker and is always helpful to his
    classmates. ~H. Porter
  • Travis Allen: (3rd grade) Travis has an extremely positive attitude. He is always trying to cheer people up and has a huge heart. He works extremely hard in class and has a very creative mind. I am so thankful Travis is in my classroom this year. ~D. Bashor
  • Jesus Montanez: (4th grade) Jesus is a very hard worker, he is always on task and trying his best. He is a great example of what we strive for at Northside. ~B. Ellenberger
  • Rebekah Roddey: (4th grade) Rebekah works very hard in math class. She has improved her math skills and is always requesting extra work. ~D. Snyder
  • Azorriyahna Ellis: (4th grade) Azorriyahna has been working extra hard to improve her math skills. This extra work is starting to pay off! ~D. Snyder
  • Jessica Burgos: (5th grade) Jessica is a caring, sweet, and smart student. ~M. Delgado
  • Kaycee May: (5th grade) Kaycee is a well-mannered young lady who always tries her best, she is a good friend and student. ~M. Dolley
  • Danny Pope: (5th grade) Danny is a role model student who is always willing to help others! ~M. Dolley
  • Alyxus Collins: (5th grade) Alyxus is always showing kindness. ~S. Miniutti

Eastside Elementary

  • Jordan Rangel: (Kinder) Jordan is always working hard and trying his best. He is a kind friend and very eager to learn. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Gary Young: (Kinder) Gary is always helping, he is a great friend too. He is the mini
    teacher. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Samuel Wortham: (Kinder) Samuel is always respectful, kind, hardworking, and follows directions and the rules. He is an amazing boy. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Cristian Villarreal: (1st grade) Cristian is always positive and tries extremely hard to be successful in and out of the classroom. ~D. Ballard
  • Isaiah Murray: (2nd grade) Isaiah is very polite; saying “excuse me” when interrupting, and waiting to ask his questions. Also, saying “thank you” when he gets the answer. ~L. Houston
  • Daniel Gomez: (2nd grade) Daniel is a wonderful student in my classroom. He is always
    participating in class and involved in the lesson. He is a very hard worker in his school work. He is a joy to have in the classroom! ~C. Fisk
  • Ninfa Marin Chavez: (2nd grade) Ninfa has been a joy to have in our classroom, she joined our class last week! She is very kind and respectful, she listens and is a wonderful role model to other students. ~C. Fisk
  • Jamel Lopez: (2nd grade) Jamel has been a very respectful and well-behaved student since joining our class. He is a great listener and a hard worker in the classroom. Jamel is a joy to have in the class! ~C. Fisk
  • Christian Aguillon: (2nd grade) Christian has been very respectful and follows directions. He is kind to others and is a joy to have in the classroom. ~C. Fisk
  • Josh Willis: (2nd grade) Josh helped show his peers classroom procedures and he is very kind to new students. ~C. Cavitt
  • Bentley Grimm: (2nd grade) Bentley was very helpful on the way to specials, he held the door open for the classes going to PE. ~J. Huffmeister
  • Eduardo Medina! (2nd grade) Eduardo held the door for all the classes when they left PE. ~J. Huffmeister
  • Jason Hernandez: (2nd grade) Jason is a joy to have in my classroom. He is a hard worker and very respectful. He follows directions and does as asked. ~C. Fisk
  • Emily Torres: (2nd grade) Emily is a wonderful student in my classroom, she is a hard worker and a friend to all. Emily is always focused and on task. She is very respectful! ~C. Fisk
  • Esmeralda Rocha: (2nd grade) Esmeralda is a joy to have in my classroom. She is a hard worker and always has a positive spirit! ~C. Fisk
  • Jancarlos Gallegos: (2nd grade) Jancarlos is a role model student to his peers. He is always participating. He is always a big helper to others and an absolute joy! ~C. Fisk
  • Kenneth Smith: (2nd grade) Kenneth offered to put someone’s pencil bag when they forgot it on a desk. Thank you, Kenneth! ~C. Cavitt
  • Brandon Edwards: (2nd grade) Brandon showed good citizenship and attitude during
    class the other day, and he is working very hard! Thank you Brandon! ~C. Cavitt
  • Raul Guevara: (2nd grade) Raul has a great attitude in the hallways. Thank you,
    Raul! ~K. Bracho
  • Rodrigo Torres: (2nd grade) Rodrigo has been doing a great job this week and a
    great job as a line leader! ~K. Bracho
  • Alexis Loera: (2nd grade) Alexis has been doing a great job during AR time! ~K. Bracho
  • Jason Macedo: (3rd grade) Jason picked up a big mess that was left on the cafeteria table when the class was released from lunch. He even did it without anyone asking him. ~P. Chorman
  • Santiago Olivarez: (3rd grade) Santiago was picking up trash during bus dismissal.
    ~R. Smith
  • Aracely Alvarado: (4th grade) Aracely has great work habits, and stays focused on
    the task at hand. ~C. Anaya
  • Kodee Sickler: (4th grade) Kodee was very helpful, he made the day go by smoother!
    ~R. Brickley
  • Channing Lillie: (4th grade) Channing was so kind to others. He also cheered and
    encouraged his teammates. He was a great helper! ~K. Brown
  • Adrian Garcia: (4th grade) I loved the way he encouraged and cheered for his teammates. His positive attitude is always appreciated. ~K. Brown
  • Evin Gates: (4th grade) Evin did his work efficiently and reads constantly. ~R. Brickley
  • Milagros Be: (4th grade) Milagros returns school work on time and well done. Milagros
    is a self-motivated worker. ~C. Anaya
  • Genesis Chang: (4th grade) Genesis completes work with quality in mind, she is a
    self-motivated worker. ~C. Anaya
  • Jesus Guerrero: (4th grade) Jesus uses class time constructively, always completes
    daily assignments in a timely manner. ~C. Anaya
  • Alondra Huerta: (4th grade) Alondra uses class time constructively, uses higher level
    thinking strategies to apply learned skills to situations. ~C. Anaya
  • Gabriel Gutierrez: (4th grade) Gabriel shows passion for books, he never stops reading books of his interest. ~C. Anaya
  • Sujey Lopez: (4th grade) Sujey follows directions, and works very well with others in a
    group. ~C. Anaya
  • Marelis Velis: (4th grade) Marelis completes work with quality in mind, works independently, and stays on task. ~C. Anaya
  • Ms. Flora’s Classroom: (5th grade) My classroom was wonderful for my substitute the other day! Thank you students!! ~C. Flora
  • Luna Ortiz: (5th grade) Luna was fixing the trash at lunch the other day so it
    wouldn’t make a mess. Thank you for showing good citizenship! ~R. Rocha
  • Jose Alvarez: (5th grade) Jose cleaned up and picked up after a group left the other
    day. Thank you Jose! ~R. Rocha
  • Daniel Lopez: (5th grade) Daniel volunteered in class for a problem no one wanted to
    do. Thank you Daniel! ~R. Rocha
  • Aaron Rosales: (5th grade) Aaron was helping others without being asked too! Great
    citizenship Aaron! ~D. Fontenot
  • Alonso Gonzalez: (5th grade) Alonso is always accommodating when asked to do
    anything. I asked him to change seats with another student, and he did without
    hesitation. ~C. Fisk
  • Liseth Chacon: (5th grade) Liseth is always on task. She is respectful, and has a
    pleasant attitude. ~C. Fisk
  • Antonio Saucedo: (5th grade) Antonio was eager to help me put all the Magic Tree
    house Series books in order, which is not a small task. ~J. Barber
  • Briseyda Espitia: (5th grade) Briseyda took the initiative to make sure my classroom
    was neat and tidy when I was absent. ~D. Fontenot
  • Soledad Torres: (5th grade) Soledad took the initiative to make sure my class was
    neat and tidy when I was absent. ~D. Fontenot
  • Lizbeth Flores: (5th grade) Lizbeth took the initiative to make sure my class was
    neat. ~D. Fontenot
  • Jennifer Mateos: (5th grade) Jennifer took the initiative to make sure my class was
    neat and tidy! ~D. Fontenot
  • Chance Cleaver: (5th grade) Chance noticed that a couple of students were having a
    bad day and were sad. He cheered them up! ~N. Williams
  • Noel Puga: (5th grade) Noel is a star student, by doing the right thing when a
    teacher isn’t around. ~D. Fontenot
  • Victoria Rios: (5th grade) Victoria is a star student, by doing the right thing when
    the teacher is not present. ~D. Fontenot
  • Anthony Calles: (5th grade) Anthony is a star student, by doing the right thing when
    the teacher is not present. ~D. Fontenot

Cleveland Middle School

  • GaRunn Scott: (6th grade) GaRunn comes into College Readiness ready to read and a
    smile on his face. Working hard can take you to the stars GaRunn! Keep it up!
    ~P. Opp
  • Arissa Rollins: (6th grade) Arissa is a constant help in class. She helps other
    students, remember procedures in the classrooms, and helps them if they don’t
    understand the current concept we are learning. She also always has a positive
    attitude. ~L. Rice
  • Heather Perry: (6th grade) Heather follows directions in class, and works hard on
    assignments. ~K. Richards
  • Daisy Revuelta: (6th grade) Daisy is an amazing student who always has a smile on
    her face, and is always ready to help out in class. She is always prepared and ready
    to learn. ~P. Opp
  • CMS Student Council: (6th – 8th grade) I am extremely proud of our 2018-19
    Student Council. These young students are doing an amazing job at being leaders on
    campus. Way to go STUCO! ~S. Rivas
  • Ja’torria Gray: (7th grade) Ja’torria was chosen as a star student due to her
    dedication to her school work. She is a great student day in and day out, and she
    always has a positive attitude! ~C. Gordon
  • Gaven Woodward: (8th grade) Gaven is a star student for being on time, respectful,
    and always ready to participate in class activities. ~M. Morales
  • Jose Rizo-Barron: (6th grade) Jose is a ray of sunshine! He exceeds all expectations
    of being an awesome student at CMS – hardworking and always pleasant to
    teachers and his peers. ~C. Landry
  • Darren Maass: (8th grade) Darren is always lending a helping hand! ~R. Forster
    Alexander Castellanos: (8th grade) Alexander is an awesome student! ~A. Kettelkamp
    Hannah Johns: (8th grade) Hannah is a very hard responsible citizen. Thank you,
    Hannah! ~T. Pennington

Cleveland High School

  • Rudy Carrillo: (10th grade) Rudy is a star student because he is always on time to
    class. ~Coach A. Cruddas
  • Tonantzin Arias Medina: (10th grade) she is so responsible of lab work. She cleaned
    their working table even when she is pressured for time, for the next class.
    ~L. Guiwa
  • Luanne Mauleon: (11th grade) Luanne told me at the beginning of the year that she
    was determined to finish her course and be a senior and graduate this year. She has
    done just that. She completed her course and is doing very well in her classes. I am
    so proud of you! ~J. Youngblood
  • Ahime Andrade: (12th grade) Ahime always does way more than what is expected of
    her. She is one of the students that ask what she can do to help with Video Club
    and in the classroom. It’s been a joy having her in class and in our Club, she is a
    great leader! ~E. Hagen
  • Alondra Diera: (12th grade) sweet Alondra is a teacher’s dream come true! She is
    smart, talented and kind, but also considerate and empathetic; the building blocks of
    a truly good health care provider. She naturally possesses the qualities that many
    doctors and nurses strive to learn, and does it so effortlessly! She is an amazing
    artist, and has an eye for talent as well. Alondra brings out the best in those around
    her. She is the student to make any teacher proud to have in class. ~J. Wallace
  • Lucia Zuniga: (12th grade) Lucy is an amazing person. She shows up every day with a
    positive, can-do attitude, and always is willing to help others succeed. Insightful and
    charismatic does not even begin to describe her! She will be an excellent health care
    professional, regardless of which path she chooses! ~J. Wallace
  • Jasmine Roman Ramos: (12th grade) Jasmine has stepped up her responsibilities on
    the Radio Station and is doing so great! We are so proud of her and her efforts!
    Thank you Jasmine! ~E. Hagan

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Nichole Maresh: (10th grade) Nichole is my reader! I really appreciate her love of
    reading. She will often go above and beyond just to get her hands on a book. She also
    takes great notes in class and is always eager to be a real student! ~V. Cox
  • Enrique Aguirre: (11th grade) Enrique is an awesome young man. He works hard at his
    job and comes to school every day and works hard on his schoolwork. He is a good
    friend to his friends. It is a pleasure knowing him, he is getting his coursework done
    and will be graduating soon. ~D. Seagraves
  • Esther Venegas: (12th grade) Esther is a very hard worker. She wants to graduate,
    and she never gives up, even when things are not easy for her. She is dedicated to
    her goal and I am glad to see her every day she is here! ~G. Rappe
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