City of Daisetta hosts oil and gas liaison meeting

Daisetta Mayor Eric Thaxton (standing, far right) and Pct. 2 Constable Les Hulsey (seated) represented the Daisetta area at an old and gas liaison meeting on Nov. 5.

City of Daisetta and county officials, along with representatives from the oil and gas industry, met Monday, Nov. 5, at the Hull-Daisetta Volunteer Fire Department for an annual Oil and Gas Liaison Meeting.

The purpose of the liaison meetings is to bring together operators and their local emergency and public officials, as well as excavators.  Oil and gas professionals met with various emergency management personnel and used this meeting to exchange information such as updated contact information and names of department supervisors who may be contacted in the event of an oil and gas industry or pipeline emergency.

Representatives from Bluebonnet Natural Gas, Keyera Hull Terminal, Exxon / Mobil, Quail Creek Oil Corporation and others were invited to meet with officials from the City of Daisetta, Hull-Daisetta ISD, and Liberty County to network and create relationships that benefit the public while simultaneously fostering a safer oil and gas industry within the area.

“Responses to oil and gas-related emergencies are handled far more efficiently when both public officials and oil and gas industry professionals are familiar with who should be contacted immediately in the event of any emergency.  These annual meetings allow us to familiarize ourselves with each other and to discuss the emergency response capabilities of each entity involved,” said Daisetta Mayor Eric Thaxton.

City of Daisetta Natural Gas System Supervisor John Wright gave a brief summation in regard to the reason for the meeting then spoke of the importance of utilizing the “Call Before You Dig” system or 8-1-1. Wright reminded attendees of the extreme importance in calling 8-1-1 before digging for any reason.

“You may just want to dig a hole to plant a tree or you might want to start the foundation for a building but you shouldn’t dig anywhere for any reason before calling 8-1-1,” said Wright.  “The chances of damaging things such as buried electrical lines, pipelines, telecom systems, water or sewer lines are huge and the chances of having to deal with some type of emergency or disaster are far greater than digging before you call.  So let’s be sure to take a few moments and make that call to 8-1-1 before we begin digging.  It’s really that important.”

For more information about the Texas 8-1-1 service, please visit

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