Cleveland ISD names Star Students for week ending Nov. 16, 2018

Every week during the school year, Cleveland ISD administrators and teachers pick students who deserve to be in the spotlight for the successes. Below is the list of students for the week ending Nov. 16, 2018:

Southside Elementary

  • Avery Sharpless (Pre-K) Avery is such a wonderful student! She is constantly helping
    me as well as her classmates. ~B. Capo
  • Yostin Jaimez (1st grade) Yostin is always asking questions. He wants to learn and
    participate in class and all specials classes. ~P. Lopez-Velarde
  • Emily Molina (1st grade) Emily is a wonderful student, she always works hard and
    tries her very best. She is always listening, helping and following every rule. I can
    always count on Emily to do the right thing. I am so happy she is in my class! ~K.
  • Martha Feliz (1st grade) Martha is a joy to have in class, she is hard working and
    always eager to help others. ~L. Barillas
  • Kevin Velasquez-Gallegos (1st grade) Kevin is a wonderful student! He is always on
    task, and ready to help his peers read and take AR tests in the morning. I have
    really enjoyed having Kevin in my class this year. ~E. Hernandez
  • Anali Hernandez (3rd grade) Anali is a sweet, young lady who is a friend to everyone
    in class. She takes her time and puts 100% effort into all of her class work. She is
    willing to help with anything I ask of her. She is a real Star Student. ~K. Dalton
  • Alan Hernandez (4th grade) Alan is such an amazing student. He is very focused on
    doing his best and encourages those around him to do the same. Thank you for being
    so polite and kind!! ~K. Eakin
  • Andy Vasquez (4th grade) Andy is such an amazing student. He is very focused on
    doing his best. Thank you for being so polite and kind!! ~C. Denby
  • Melanie Lorenzo (4th grade) Melanie did great in her Common Assessments and she
    made her learning goal! She is an excellent reader and writer. I am very proud of her.
    ~N. Caraballo
  • Erik Martinez (5th grade) Erik has shown excellence in math. He is persisting
    through tasks that are very difficult for him. He worked through every single
    problem on his Common Assessment and shoed his work throughout. ~K. Brown
  • Kimberly Manjarrez (5th grade) Kimberly is always very well behaved and works very
    hard. I enjoy having her in class! She is a very good student. ~C. Davis

Northside Elementary

  • Moises Garcia (Kinder) Moises is always in a positive mood, he is always enthusiastic
    about the stuff he brings from home. ~A. Rimer
  • Kevin Nill Reyes (Kinder) Kevin is a very hard worker and he always tries his best.
    ~C. Rushing
  • Cecylle Tellez (Kinder) Cecylle is always helping other students in our class, and is
    always doing her best work. She brightens up our classroom! ~A. Gorman
  • Alex Salinas (1st grade) Alex always comes ready to work. He is a joy to work with.
    ~k. Green
  • Zoe Lozano (2nd grade) Zoe is always on task and working hard. ~A. Trent
  • Yah’Ziah Bass (2nd grade) Yah’Ziah works very hard and every day she tries her
    best. She is also a very sweet and compassionate student. Yah’Ziah is a joy to have
    in the classroom. Thank you Yah’Ziah! ~T. Blackburn
  • Carsen Sauceda (2nd grade) Carsen is a joy to have in the classroom. He always gives
    his best and works well with others. Thank you Carsen! ~T. Blackburn
  • Franky Castillo (3rd grade) Franky always has a smile on his face and is helpful to his
    classmates! ~H. Porter
  • Bryan Barrera (3rd grade) Bryan has been competing in a healthy competition with
    another student in class. Their competition involves obtaining the most AR points by
    reading books on their level. Bryan has taken the challenge on reading chapter books
    on his level and is close to achieving his AR goal within 2 weeks! I am very proud of
    Bryan! ~T. Luna
  • Camila Arredondo (3rd grade) Camila is such a hard worker and I have been so
    impressed with the growth that she has shown so far this year. Camila is an
    individual who loves to continue learning about things that she is passionate about.
    Keep up the hard work Camila! ~A. Golightly
  • Miranda Braden (3rd grade) Miranda is always willing to participate and has a love
    for school. She has reached over her goal for AR and is continuing to take tests. She
    is a wonderful addition to our classroom! ~H. Porter
  • Annemarie Baker (3rd grade) Annemarie is very kind and hard working. She strives
    to do her best every day and always shows all of her work! ~A. Bashor
  • Maddox Burns (4th grade) Maddox is a great student, he comes to class prepared
    and works hard. He is a joy to have in my class. ~J. Oldham
  • Aaron Pesina (4th grade) Aaron is a very intelligent young man. He strives to do his
    best in everything. He is kind and follows Northside expectations. I enjoy having
    Aaron in my class this year. ~B. Ellenberger
  • Colton Hickey (4th grade) Colton continues to improve his math skills. He is always
    prepared and works hard to complete each assignment. A pleasure to have in class.
    ~D. Snyder
  • William Harrington (4th grade) William continues to improve his math skills. He is
    always prepared and works hard to complete each assignment. A pleasure to have in
    class. ~D. Snyder
  • Audrey Briscoe (5th grade) Audrey is kind and dependable. ~A. Baltrip
  • Adurie Ellie (5th grade) Adurie has made great improvement academically, working
    hard. I am very proud! ~S. Miniutti

Eastside Elementary

  • Ayden Bell (Kinder) Ayden helped clean up the floor and bring juice boxes for snacks.
    Also he cleaned up the cafeteria without being asked. ~L. Houston
  • Christian Beltran (Kinder) Christian is always working very hard and is making a lot
    of progress. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Brandon Thompson (1st grade) Brandon helped others open juice boxes, and helped
    clean up trash. ~L. Houston
  • Larry Dwayne Perry (1st grade) Dwayne is always willing to help his teachers and
    others. He can be counted on to run errands and follow directions. ~C. Simon
  • Ricardo Godina (1st grade) Ricardo always does what he is told, today he saw paper
    towels scattered in the boys restroom and picked them up. ~C. Simon
  • Ana Hernandez (2nd grade) Ana collaborates with her partners and has great
    behavior on the line and the hallways. ~K. Bracho
  • Fransisco Barocio Martinez (2nd grade) Fransisco helps with both his brothers
    numbers without be asked. ~Y. Pescina
  • Adrian Ramirez (2nd grade) Adrian had a great week this week! He did his work and
    followed directions right away! ~J. Huffmeister
  • Esteban Getial (3rd grade) Esteban has been competing in a healthy competition
    with another student in class. Their competition involves obtaining the most AR
    points by reading books on their level. Esteban has surpassed his AR goal in a week
    and a half, and is not slowing down. It is very exciting to see this enthusiasm.
    ~T. Luna
  • Ximena Castro (3rd grade) Ximena is a wonderful student and is always hard at work.
    I can always count on her to follow directions and help. She is a joy to have in class.
    ~A. Bergen
  • Samuel Spurlock (3rd grade) during today’s Common Assessments, he had a great
    attitude, was well behaved at 100%, and he had no issues. I am so proud of him.
    ~K. Stewart
  • Izabelle Arias (4th grade) Izabelle is the best student ever! Thank you Izabelle.
    ~P. Pool
  • Stephanie Lawson (4th grade) Stephanie swept the classroom while working with
    another student who was working the dust pan! Thank you Stephanie! ~C. Meyers
  • Edson Jovel (5th grade) Edson swept the classroom with another student, they took
    turns and alternated helping with the dust pan and broom. ~C. Meyer
  • Brailee Bradley (4th grade) Brailee is a wonderful student! ~P. Pool
  • Adan Lira (5th grade) Adan is always following directions and stays on task. He loves
    to participate and is always willing to help me and others. He works hard and is
    dedicated. ~J. Esparza
  • Santiago Borjas (5th grade) Santiago behaves so well in PE! He follows all directions
    and is incredibly respectful. I am so proud of him for making good choices! ~K. Brown
  • Aileen Rodriguez (5th grade) Aileen helped pick up papers on the ground. Thank you
    Aileen for making the right choice to help! ~L. Houston
  • Yudeimy Santoyo (5th grade) Yudeimy is always working hard and following
    instructions. ~J. Esparza
  • Aaron Zavala (5th grade) Aaron has been the best teacher helper ever. He never
    has to be reminded of his duties and is excited about helping. He is always
    participating and helps other students as well. ~J. Esparza
    Jennifer Franco (5th grade) Jennifer has been doing a great job in class, she has been
    participating and improving her grades! Way to go Jennifer! ~J. Esparza
  • Anderson Rivera (5th grade) Out of the entire gym, I can always count on Anderson
    to follow the directions, play fair, and be kind. He has been making such good choices.
    Thank you Anderson! ~K. Brown

Cleveland Middle School

  • Eleazar Rivera (6th grade) Eleazar is a Top Student academically, he shows interest
    in everything that he is introduced to in class. He always asks for additional work
    when he is through with his assignments. He has the behavior and attitude of an
    adult and it is a pleasure to have him in my class. ~J. Riddlesperger
  • Alexia Alvarado (6th grade) Alexia received a top grade for the first nine weeks
    grading period, and has picked-up just where she left off for the 2nd nine weeks. She
    is an accomplished writer, and very cooperative in all that she does in class. She is a
    Star Student indeed! ~J. Riddlesperger
  • Kane Miles (6th grade) Kane comes into College Readiness ready to read. Kane has
    been working hard to reach his goal for this 9 weeks! Great job Kane! ~P. Opp
  • Bryce Seifert (6th grade) Bryce is an awesome student who works hard at
    everything he does. Keep up the good work! ~P. Opp
  • Ava Waltman (6th grade) this week Ava has truly shown how great a person she is;
    we had a new student come into our PE class and she was nothing but open arms for
    our new student. She showed her the ropes of our class and has continue to be her
    friend outside of our class. Having lunch with her, walking in the halls with her, and
    just being a great first friend. ~Coach A. Prince
  • Sean Allen (7th grade) Sean has shown dedication and commitment to being the best
    student (and athlete) that he can be. He has high standards and pushes himself to
    be better each day. He also shows awesome respect inside and outside the classroom.
    Thank you Sean! ~J. Conkle
  • Sebastian Brodt (7th grade) Sebastian has gone above and beyond by always
    offering a helping hand to his classmates, teachers, and even our custodians. The
    school is a better place because of your help Sebastian! ~J. Conkle
  • Takira Bradford (7th grade) Takira helped clean up the cafeteria and did an
    amazing job. She was very helpful and had a great attitude! ~Coach A. Hollie
  • Edith Miranda (7th grade) Edith helped clean up the cafeteria and did an amazing
    job. She was very helpful and had a great attitude. ~Coach A. Hollie
  • Sheccid Flores (8th grade) Sheccid is self-motivated and kind to everyone. She is
    consistently doing her best. I am so glad she is in my class. ~T. Mol

Cleveland High School

  • Zitlaly Rangel (9th grade) Zitlaly arrives to class each day with a smile, ready to
    learn, and she uses class time constructively. ~A. Malaver
  • Maria Carizales (11th grade) Maria is a dedicated, high-achieving student who has
    recently earned a top score on her Common Assessment in United States History. She
    approaches each assignment as a reflection of herself and therefore completes them
    to the best of her ability (which is pretty awesome!). Thank you for being such a
    great student in our 5th period, Maria! ~B. Crawford
  • Pedro Horta (11th grade) Pedro is very polite, respectful and is a great asset to our
    band program musically. He is becoming a great saxophonist. ~K. Jones
  • Jasquisa Reed (11th grade) She is an amazing student that is really applying herself.
    I love to see her take on challenges and conquer them. Jasquisa has continually
    improved in her academics and classroom behavior since the beginning of the year.
    ~A. King
  • Blanca Hernandez Majano (11th grade) Blanca is such an inspiration. She is taking full
    advantage of her educational experience here at CHS by doing well in her classes and
    also by having such a warm and friendly disposition all the time. I also like the way
    she is planning for her future after high school. Keep up the great work, Blanca!
    ~W. Bagsby
  • Edgar Aleman (11th grade) Edgar is trying very hard to complete all he needs so he
    can graduate. He stays after school to work on his assignments and has been going
    to tutoring for help. I am proud of how he is trying to be the best he can be. Keep
    working Edgar! ~J. Youngblood
  • Jaslin Sanchez (11th grade) Jaslin is a very quiet student, she works hard and is very
    respectful. I am proud to have her in my College Algebra class! ~G. Tarpomanov
  • Kaylee Heintjes (12th grade) Kaylee is one of those people with an electric
    personality; everyone who is near her is immediately drawn to her! She is perky, kind,
    smart and considerate. ~J. Wallace
  • Araven Eleby (12th grade) Araven is a wonderful student, her passion is evident in all
    that she does. She is both sweet and salty at the same time, and is a joy to have in
    my class this year. ~J. Wallace
  • Alma Rodriguez (12th grade) Alma joined our Culinary program this year and she is a
    great asset to have! She always completes her work on time, is a team player and
    does an amazing job in the kitchen! ~A. Pope
  • Melissa Neumann (12th grade) Melissa always has a positive can-do attitude every
    morning when she comes to my class. She is a team player and is always willing to
    help other classmates. ~A. Pope

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Sara Fraga (10th grade) Sara is bright young lady, she is diligently working on her
    IPC course. DLA is pleased to have her as a student. ~D. Seagraves
  • Jessie Boone (10th grade) Jessie is a delight to have in class. He takes good notes
    when I am teaching and evidences interest in learning. He asks good questions, and
    has a great sense of humor! I am very glad to have him in my class each day.
    ~G. Rappe
  • Patricia Villegas (11th grade) Patricia has been leading the way when it comes to
    school spirit. She has been leading the way with the graduate’s congratulatory
    posters. She was also very helpful to the staff and administrators with the
    presentation and set-up of our recent student and family meal that was served
    prior to the upcoming holidays. Thank you Patricia! For all that you do.
    ~Coach R. Millard
  • Esther Venegas (12th grade) Esther is a very hard worker, she’s ready to graduate
    and she never gives up, even when things are not easy for her. She is dedicated to
    her goal, and I am glad to see her every day come to school and work hard!
    ~G. Rappe
  • Lizette Ramirez (12th grade) Lizette is new to Douglass, but already she has made
    significant progress in English 4A. Today, she took the initiative to read a modern
    version of Hamlet side-by-side with the original version. In addition, she has worked
    at home on Edgenuity and even on Saturdays to make progress. We are so proud of
    her here at DLA! ~V. Cox
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