Cleveland ISD names Star Students

Every week during the school year, Cleveland ISD administrators and teachers pick students who deserve to be in the spotlight for the successes. Below is the list of students for the week ending Nov. 30, 2018:

Southside Elementary

  • Alexis Williams: (1st grade) Alexis is so sweet! She works very hard and always has a book in her hand. She is a joy to have in class! ~K. Gunnell
  • Montserrat Martinez: (1st grade) Montserrat is an excellent student, she is a natural leader and helps other students and teachers. ~P. Lopez-Velarde
  • Emely Zapata: (2nd grade) Emely is a very dedicated student and she is doing great progress in reading. ~J. Martinez
  • Jacob Arias: (2nd grade) Jacob is a great student, he works hard, and I admire his love of reading. ~M. McPhee
  • Jacquelyn Campuzano: (2nd grade) Jacquelyn is a hard worker, she is organized and prepared. She loves to help others. ~M. McPhee
  • Luz Barrera: (2nd grade) Luz is a great student, she is well mannered, organized and always ready to learn. ~M. McPhee
  • Nathaniel Gonzalez: (4th grade) Nathaniel has been making great strides in doing his best. He is working hard to reach his goals in class. ~C. Denby
  • Amanda Ryan: (4th grade) Amanda has such a positive attitude. We appreciate how she cooperates with her classmates. Thank you for being such a hard worker! ~K. Eakin

Northside Elementary

  • Laritza Romo: (Kinder) Laritza is always working hard and trying to improve her math. ~A. Rimer
  • Ehylin Gonzalez: (Kinder) Ehylin is always hard working and improving on her school work. ~C. Rushing
  • Raidon Bacorn: (1st grade) Raidon has been working hard and participating great in class. He is friendly and always has a smile on his face! ~K. Jozwick
  • Aiden Smith: (1st grade) Aiden is a hard worker and is always on task. He is very kind to his classmates and a good friend. ~K. Jozwick
  • Amanda Cole: (1st grade) Amanda is always helping out everyone around her! She comes in ready and excited to learn at the start of each day. She is so sweet, and truly a Star student! ~A. Williams
  • Briella Banegas: (1st grade) Briella is an excellent student, she is always determined to do her best and then helps her classmates. In her free time, she finds ways to be a productive student. I am very lucky to have her as my student. ~R. Castruita
  • Savannah Klink: (2nd grade) Savannah is a star student for crushing her AR goal! ~A. Trent
  • Edith Reyes: (2nd grade) Edith is a hard worker, she is always respectful and participates in class. She is an excellent role model in class. ~T. Sparks
  • Ethan Ward: (3rd grade) Ethan is always on his best behavior. He always has an attitude that is ready to learn and help. Ethan also does a fantastic job working with his group and helping me set up activities during class. ~J. Kane
  • Jamhaud Jordan: (3rd grade) Jamhaud is a hard worker, and he is always participating in class. He is determined to excel in school. ~D. Bashor
  • Johan Sanchez: (3rd grade) Johan is an amazing student! I am so grateful to have him in my classroom this year. Not only does he work hard every day, but he helps make sure that everyone else in the classroom is on task and if they need help, he is willingly to help them. Keep up the hard work, Johan! ~A. Golightly
  • Eva Estridge: (4th grade) Eva works very hard in math class, she is always willing to help other students. She is a pleasure to have in class. ~D. Snyder
  • Austin Lord: (4th grade) Austin is a joy to have in my class, he comes to class prepared. He is also a hard worker. Thank you, Austin! ~J. Oldham
  • Kimberly Dubon: (4th grade) Kimberly has been working very hard in math and improving every day! She is always on task, organized, and helping others. ~B. Ellenberger
  • Daniel Sartin: (4th grade) Daniel has been an excellent music student. I can see a lot of growth from last year, both academically and in his personality. He showed interest in participating in our Music Memory UIL Team and has been doing well in class and in practice! It is a joy to have Daniel in music here at Northside! ~E. Antenangeli
  • Taylor Waltman: (4th grade) Taylor continues to improve her math skills and she is always willing to help other students. She is a joy to have in class. ~D. Snyder
  • Taygen Owen: (5th grade) Taygen is a star student for working hard and improvement on test scores. ~S. Miniutti
  • Emmanuel Perez: (5th grade) Emmanuel is polite, helpful and responsible. ~A. Baltrip
  • Valeria Castillo: (5th grade) Valeria is a very sweet and caring student, she always does her best and will be the first to help someone in need. ~M. Dolley

Eastside Elementary

  • Eliah Acosta: (Kinder) Eliah is an excellent role model for his fellow students. He is always kind, and a great friend to everyone. Thank you for setting such a great example Eliah! You are awesome! ~B. Lanier
  • Journey Aguirre: (Kinder) Journey has a wonderful temperament. She is calm and caring, she looks out for her friends. Thank you Journey for being a calm presence. You are awesome! ~B. Lanier
  • Kolten Davis: (1st grade) Kolten’s attitude is great! He is doing his work independently and has really improved. I am so proud of him. ~C. Collins
  • Talen Beyale: (1st grade) Talen is always willing to help, he listens, and follows directions. He is eager to learn. ~C. Collins
  • Desiree Aleman: (1st grade) Desiree is willing to help any student and the teacher. She listens and really wants to learn. ~C. Collins
  • Noel Marin Rivera: (1st grade) Noel took my instructions on how to play hockey and then taught his peers what he learned. He is always on task and respectful. All the other Coaches enjoy having him in class. ~J. Gollihar
  • Ronaldo Benitez: (2nd grade) Ronaldo always participates in class and is ready to learn. ~J. Bermudez
  • Allyson Alvarez: (2nd grade) Allyson is very well-behaved and she follows directions. She works hard in class and is very attentive. Allyson is always respectful! ~C. Fisk
  • Ricardo Espinoza: (2nd grade) Ricardo is a wonderful student who works very hard in the classroom. He is very respectful and always follows directions. He is a joy to have every day! ~C. Fisk
  • Marcos Mier: (2nd grade) Marcos is a very well-behaved student. He is a great role model to others, he listens, follows directions. And he is respectful to all. ~C. Fisk
  • Jancarlos Gallegos: (2nd grade) Jancarlos is a joy to have in my class every day. He is a role model to other students, he is respectful, always listens, and making good choices. ~C. Fisk
  • Sharon Ramos: (2nd grade) Sharon is a great student, and always respects hallway CHAMPS! ~J. Bermudez
  • Tiana Reeco: (2nd grade) Tiana was quiet and respectful as she waited for her peers to finish their Common Assessment. ~C. Cavitt
  • Acayden Hanchock: (2nd grade) Acayden was so grateful to a teacher who let him read to them and his attitude was wonderful while he was visiting her room. ~C. Cavitt
  • Aleyia White: (2nd grade) Aleyia is always respectful to her peers and me. She follows the rules, too! ~D. Jimenez
  • Kamille Woods: (2nd grade) Kamille is always following the rules, she is honest and respectful to her peers and myself. ~D. Jimenez
  • Gerardo Padron: (2nd grade) Gerardo is always doing his work and he is very dedicated. ~D. Jimenez
  • Ameerah Bellows: (2nd grade) Ameerah is always following the rules and does her work. ~D. Jimenez
  • Josh Willis: (2nd grade) Josh helped a student tie her shoes when she was tripping in line. ~C. Cavitt
  • Ana Hernandez: (2nd grade) Ana did a wonderful job this week during restroom breaks and in the hallways. ~K. Bracho
  • Blake Prewitt: (2nd grade) When the class was doing a Go Noodle Activity, Blake was following directions and being respectful. Blake exceeds my expectations. ~C. Cavitt
  • Brandon Edwards: (2nd grade) Brandon helped his friends to sign onto AR without talking so that his teacher could keep reading with another student. ~C. Cavitt
  • Natalie Bledsoe: (2nd grade) Natalie took materials to Ms. Ivy for her teacher. Thank you, Natalie! ~C. Cavitt
  • Nicole Hernandez: (2nd grade) Nicole is a star student for helping Ms. Guzman in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Trinity Comeaux: (2nd grade) Trinity is a star student for helping shelve books in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Gavin Curtis: (3rd grade) Gavin is a star student for helping order and shelve books. He encourages others to read beyond their set goals, he exemplifies superior library leadership. Thank you, Gavin! ~J. Barber
  • Ruben Garcia: (3rd grade) Ruben has a great attitude, and I can always count on him to finish his work. Thank you, Ruben! ~A. Bergen
  • Ernesto Alvarez: (3rd grade) Ernesto is always so quiet and he finishes his work in five minutes. ~A. Bergen
  • Dawson Caldera: (3rd grade) Dawson helped me in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Erick Navarro: (3rd grade) Erick is a star student for helping in the library! ~J. Barber
  • Cristal Ibarra: (3rd grade) Cristal is a star student for helping shelve books in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Alesana Squier: (4th grade) Alesana is a very hard worker with a great attitude! ~P. Pool
  • Adryan Garcia: (4th grade) Adryan has made a lot of progress this year and is working hard. ~P. Pool
  • Cristal Ramirez: (4th grade) Cristal is a star student for her volunteer work in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Karina Mena: (4th grade) Karina is a star student for her outstanding volunteer service in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Gixel Garcia: (4th grade) Gixel is a star student for helping shelve books in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Daniel Martinez: (4th grade) Daniel is a star student for volunteering in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Stephanie Maldonado: (4th grade) Stephanie is a star student for volunteering in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Jesus Guerrero: (4th grade) Jesus is a star student for volunteering in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Gonzalo Martinez: (5th grade) Gonzalo is always thinking about others first, he goes above and beyond to help anyone. ~J. Esparza
  • Anthony Calles: (5th grade) Anthony is a star student because he was taking the initiative to do the right thing. Way to be Anthony! ~D. Fontenot
  • Johana Diera: (5th grade) Johana Helped shelve books in the library! ~J. Barber
  • Anderson Rivera: (5th grade) Anderson is a star student for helping in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Zuleyma Acosta: (5th grade) Zuleyma is a star student for helping shelve books in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Daniel Lopez: (5th grade) Daniel is a star student for helping shelve books in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Mauricio Torres: (5th grade) Mauricio is a star student for helping shelve books in the library. ~J. Barber
  • Regina Priest: (5th grade) Regina is an outstanding volunteer in the library! ~J. Barber

Cleveland Middle School

  • CMS Student Council: (6th -8th grades) I am extremely proud of our 2018-19 Student Council! These young students are doing an amazing job at being leaders on campus. Way to Go, STUCO! ~S. Rivas
  • Caleb Setzer: (6th grade) Caleb is an outstanding student who is always polite, and gracious to the staff at CMS. He also is constantly helping his peers succeed. He makes our campus a better place to learn. ~L. Rice
  • Omar Garcia: (6th grade) Omar is one of my hardest working students and has been all year long! Thank you, Omar! ~S. Karash
  • Celeste Jaime Perez: (6th grade) Celeste works hard in class and gives me a hug daily! ~S. Karash
  • Chasity Lopez: (6th grade) Chasity has shown tremendous improvement by pushing herself to be better and do better. I couldn’t be prouder of her! Keep it up, Chasity! ~J. Parks
  • Joselyn Granados: (6th grade) Joselyn is always going above and beyond to help in the classroom and completing assignments. She is an excellent role model for other students, and she is always on her best behavior! ~P. Venegas
  • Nathaniel Morales: (6th grade) Nathaniel has a wonderful attitude! Thank you, Nathaniel! ~E. Skarke
  • Lindsay Pennington: (6th grade) Lindsay is hardworking and well behaved. She sets a good example for other students. ~A. Worsham
  • Jeniyah Phillips: (7th grade) Jeniyah is a great student in her Texas History class. She always puts forth an amazing effort on every assignment. She is committed to excellence, and she is a great role model for other students. ~A. Oveal
  • Danisa Viera Martinez: (7th grade) Danisa has been a very good student in class. She comes into class with a great attitude and is ready to participate. ~Coach A. Hollie
  • Alberto Lamas: (7th grade) Alberto assisted another student in understanding the teacher’s instructions. Thank you, Alberto! ~J. Pineda
  • Ethan Estrada: (7th grade) Ethan is a Star Student for being a great class partner! ~J. Pineda
  • Dora Rodriguez: (7th grade) Dora is a Star Student for being a great class partner! ~J. Pineda
  • Jaime Luviano: (7th grade) Jaime has been an excellent and a model student all year. He is a very hard-working student, and it is paying off in his classes. He sets the bar high for himself and always reaches or goes beyond. ~C. Gordon
  • Stephanie Alvarez: (8th grade) Stephanie is an amazingly bright student. She cares about her grades and always does her best. She is always positive and engaged. She is also always kind and helpful towards her classmates. I love having her in my class! ~J. Elolf
  • Abigail Martinez: (8th grade) Abigail has a great work ethic and a wonderful attitude! ~S. Snyder
  • Xavier Venegas: (8th grade) Xavier has been giving 100%, I love his positivity! ~M. Morales
  • Christopher Morton Jr: (8th grade) Christopher has a positive attitude, excellent work ethic, and he is a very respectful student. ~B. Buchanan
  • Melanie Garcia: (8th grade) Melanie is always very respectful and works hard in class every day! ~A. Schimmel
  • Melissa Stevens: (8th grade) Melissa is a great student, she always meets expectations and then some! Great kid! ~Coach A. Hollie
  • Marlene Montenegro: (8th grade) Marlene is an exceptional student. She is always doing the right thing. ~Coach A. Hollie

Cleveland High School

  • Paul A. Bloomfield: (9th grade) This fantastically quiet student does all his work and does it well. He is a breath of fresh air in my 7th period. ~Dr. L. Johnson
  • Emmanuel Castro: (10th grade) Emmanuel is a star student for working very hard! ~G. Ford
  • Yamileth Toledo de los Santos: (10th grade) Yamileth is an enthusiastic learner. She is kind, caring, and has a friendly character, which makes her a role model for classmates. ~A. Malaver
  • Jose D. Lopez: (11th grade) Jose is always smiling and brightening my day. He is an excellent math student, he is very smart and very conscientious with his work. He is a Star Student! ~A. King
  • Rosalba Campos Hernandez: (11th grade) Rosalba made a good score on her spelling test, she is a responsible student, and she is learning in all areas! ~G. Ford
  • Catherine Benitez: (11th grade) Catherine rocks AP Language! She always does her work, and it shows strong rhetorical analysis skills. ~ Dr. L. Johnson
  • James Cangemi: (11th grade) James is great at successful everyday life skills. ~C. Young
  • Alexandra Ortiz: (12th grade) Alexandra is a hard worker. She is doing well in her classes and strives to help everyone. She is kind, considerate, and very polite. Good luck in the future, Alexandra! ~J. Youngblood
  • Manuel Ramirez: (12th grade) Manuel is a very polite young man. He is so helpful in the counseling office and willing to do whatever is asked of him. He is an excellent student and wonderful in band. I have enjoyed getting to know Manuel and I wish him nothing but success in his future endeavors. ~J. Youngblood

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Luis Torres Gonzalez: (12th grade) Luis is a model student. He has excellent attendance and is diligent in his coursework. He is completing his Biology and Algebra ahead of schedule! He is on track to graduate early. Luis is friendly and helpful towards his classmates. Douglass Learning Academy is proud to have him as a student. ~D. Seagraves
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