Houston SPCA awarded cattle seized from Cleveland-area property

Cattle seized from a property on the 500 block of CR 331 outside of Cleveland on Feb. 21 will remain in the care of Houston SPCA. A judge on Wednesday ruled against returning the animals to their owner, Alonzo Herrera.

The owner of cattle seized by Houston SPCA at a property on the 500 block of CR 331 off of Plum Grove Road on Feb. 21 will have to pay $3,000 in restitution and fines and has lost custody of the cattle.

In a hearing on Feb. 27 in the Cleveland courtroom of Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Ralph Fuller, it was determined that the owner of the cattle, Alonzo Herrera, had neglected the welfare of the animals, resulting in the deaths of two calves and one cow. The mother cow, who authorities say was nursing a calf despite her poor condition, collapsed while Houston SPCA was attempting to remove her and others from the property.

According to Pct. 6 Constable John Joslin, whose agency was involved in the seizure, the mother cow later died. During the seizure, Joslin told Bluebonnet News the condition of the cattle was the worst he had ever seen.

“They certainly were suffering from malnutrition. The bottom line is they are in bad shape,” he said. “You can see their hips and rib cages. It’s just horrible.”

The animals will remain in the care of Houston SPCA until such time they can be adopted.

For more information on adoptable farm animals, go online to https://www.houstonspca.org/adopt/meet-our-animals/adoptable-farm-animals.html

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