Kimmie M. Brown Elementary supports Dayton Stars program

When Kimmie M. Brown Elementary opened its doors in 2004, students were delighted to find a beautifully restored vintage Ford truck parked beneath the dome in the library. 

This brainstorm was a result of planning by Principal Elizabeth Harris and Librarian Paula Fielder, who capitalized on the school’s slogan, “Moving Forward.”  The truck was donated by Wilbur and Patsy Dewey and the truck was appropriately named “DEWEY.”  

Students enjoy climbing steps into the truck bed to read their favorite books.  When the school purchased their star statue, it didn’t take long to decide what mini mural would be painted on its surface:  DEWEY with children sitting in the truck bed reading books. 

Star statues may still be purchased to help enhance the City of Dayton at your business or in your yard.  The 36” x 36” solid concrete star sits on a 4” base and weighs over 300 pounds.  The cost of $300 includes delivery and set up (painting is extra).   Order forms can be found on the City of Dayton website by scrolling to the bottom of the page or you can call Caroline at 936-258-5414 and leave a message.  You will receive a call back.

Children at Kimmie E. Brown Elementary are enjoying a new feature at the school library – a truck with a bed designed as a reading nook. Pictured left to right are Colton Pence, Jayden Winters and Julie Hernandez .

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