Vintage Caddy pulled from Dayton creek

A 1973 Cadillac convertible was pulled from a creek in the Winter Valley Subdivision in Dayton Wednesday evening, June 12, after it was discovered by a group of children swimming.

The children reported the vehicle to their parents and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was contacted. John Brandt with Mainframe 24-Hour Wrecker Service in Dayton was dispatched to pull the vehicle from the water so law enforcement could investigate.

A check of the vehicle identification number shows it was not reported stolen, so how it came to be in the creek remains a mystery. According to Capt. Ken DeFoor, spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, the vehicle may have been in the creek for many years.

Brandt, who had to go into the murky waters to attach chains to the vehicle for removal, said the back half of the car was full of mud, suggesting that the vehicle had been there for a while. According to Brandt, the vehicle had polyglas tires, non-radial tires that are often seen on restored classic vehicles.

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