Boaters find body floating in Trinity River in Kenefick

Two boaters made a gruesome discovery on Wednesday when they came upon a badly-decomposing body in the Trinity River in the Kenefick Plaza area.

According to Investigator Mark Ellington with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), the body appears to have been in the water for a couple of weeks. The identity of the deceased and a possible cause of death will hopefully be determined by an autopsy that will be performed on Monday in Beaumont.

“The two guys were riding along in a boat. One glanced over and noticed something unusual. They turned the boat around to go see what it was and found the body,” Ellington said. “When they realized it was a body, they called us.”

When LCSO deputies and Texas Game Warden Lauren Iles arrived, the boaters assisted in recovering the body, which was dragged to shore with the help of local firefighters.

The body appears to be a white male, though the Sheriff’s Office is keeping mum on other details until the autopsy is performed.

“We aren’t releasing more information at this point,” Ellington said.


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