Colbert Athletic Association helping feed Dayton’s hungry through support of FBC pantry

First Baptist Church of Dayton feeds about 60 families per month through food donations from the community and organizations like Colbert Athletic Association.

The end of year holidays are a wonderful time of celebration and family. For some, however, it is a time when even basic needs are not met.

The Colbert Athletic Association (CAF) Foundation has stepped up to that need with its annual contribution to First Baptist Church of Dayton’s food pantry. The church feeds up to 60 families per month and the CAF contribution helps the food pantry make a difference in people’s lives. 

The CAF foundation was formed in August 2016 as a non-profit organization created by alumni of the Annie E. Colbert High School of Dayton. The Foundation aims to preserve the history of athletic accomplishments of the male and female athletes of Dayton’s African American high school and community.

CAF board members include Joseph St. Julian (President), Stanley Barrett (Vice-President) and Raymond St. Julian (Secretary-Treasurer). Members include Louis Baldwin, John Como, Henderson Hammitt, McKinley Darby, Oscar Page, Bennie Curtis, George Brown and Tyrone Dever (deceased).

McKinley Darby, Dean Parmley, George Baldridge and Joseph St. Julian are seen making a donation to First Baptist Church of Dayton’s food pantry. Dean has managed the food pantry on behalf of the church for many years while George Baldridge is one of the pantry workers.

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