False alarm: Facebook post about active shooter prompts call to Liberty police

A comment on Facebook during the live-streaming of a church service in Liberty caused a little bit of a panic Sunday morning. The comment reportedly asked about a live shooter. That comment was then reported by others to Liberty Police Department, which took the threat seriously and sent officers to the church to investigate.

According to Lt. Chip Fairchild, spokesperson for Liberty Police Department, when police arrived they found everyone at Open House Ministries to be fine. There was no shooter and no threat to the church and its members.

Fairchild chalked this one up to people being on high alert in the wake of the fatal shooting at a church in White Settlement, Texas, last week.


  1. I go to that church & there was a threat online to our church I can’t wait to they catch him & I was there today Thank you Jesus for taking care of us!!!

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