Still no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Liberty County despite rumors to the contrary

The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security issued a statement Wednesday night in response to a rumor being circulated on social media that Liberty County has a confirmed case of Coronavirus.

“We are aware of information about an individual claiming of testing positive for COVID-19. After further investigation, we have discovered this information is false. We do investigate these types of issues and do not take this lightly,” the LCOEM statement reads.

All information pertaining to Liberty County and a positive COVID-19 test will come from the LCOEM office through the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

“We will keep the public informed of that information. At this time, there are no confirmed cases for our jurisdiction,” the statement concludes.


  1. I understand your statement. But the Dayton 411 Facebook page has a person commenting that a DQ individual has tested positive.

  2. Home with flu like symptoms since last Thursday. Due to me being immunosuppressed, my physicians are using me to get tested but don’t feel like driving into Houston. Anywhere local?

    • Well it is better to be safe at this point to make sure who has coronavirus is you feel bad like having regular flu, I wouldn’t care how far I had to drive to get tested if I had coronavirus

  3. I’ve had a cough for over a week and now I’ve got a fever. Can’t breathe right and can hear a bad rattle in my chest. I have a terrible headache. No know allergies or sinus problems before. My mother was in a hospital in port neches and I stayed with her then moved to a medical rehabilitation center and I stayed with her. This didn’t start until I got home right before spring break. I’ve got no insurance and no money. Where can I get help?

  4. There’s just no way CV-19 infected people aren’t walking around Liberty County… we simply haven’t had all the testing resources other counties around Houston have been getting! If you’re feeling sick, stay home use your phone/e-mail to contact friends and relatives let them know you are sick and may have CV-19 and tell them what you need ask them to bring what they can to your front door for you! Don’t go out and spread this bug!!! And if you feel your life is getting to be in real danger (like you cannot stop coughing/gagging or your lungs are on-fire or something) then dial 9-1-1 get an ambulance to come get you!!! Don’t try to drive yourself or get someone else to drive you to the ER!!

    A little common sense goes a long way in this emergency. Above all else take care of yourself and don’t spread this bug to anyone else!

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