Liberty County marriage licenses for April 2020

Despite the pandemic, a few dozen Liberty County residents filed for their marriage licenses during the month of April 2020:

  • Curtis Lee Roberts and Rhiannon Melissa Sivan
  • York Williams Polanco and Sarita G. Munoz-Castro
  • Caleb Andrew Wheeler and Courtney Reyne Pardue
  • Michael Scott Cherry and Sharon Deniegh Carlson
  • Michael Hanks Jr. and Laura Marie Mendez
  • Jeffrey Wayne Yeager and Crystal Marie Sorensen
  • Cameron James Bagwell and Merry Grace Chambers
  • Dustin Wayne Sloan and Jade Iddon
  • Jason Uhl Price and Kellie Rae Whitmire
  • Matthew Lee McCollom and Andrea Anne M. Malaluan
  • Billy Joe Smith and Amie Marie McDaniel
  • Justin Wayne Shaw and Kristen Amber Ortiz
  • Michael Kelly Mannon and Katherine Lee Yarbrough
  • James Paul Tomlinson and Celia Stirling
  • Gino Bernard Picart and Helvia Luz Quinones
  • Frank Anthony Mouton and Katherine Papillion Mouton
  • Kurtis Lee Proctor and Nicole Lynn Durbin
  • Michael Allen Warren and Krystina B. Kurz
  • Fabian Reyes and Leanna Nicole Moreno
  • Joshua Allen Giberson and Kerri Lynn Bryan
  • Gabriel Pena and Martha C. Rodriguez
  • Christopher Lee Romero and Irma Delia Detiege
  • James David Gibson Jr. and Heather Michele Baker
  • Andrew Scott Hall and Erika Lanae Lindsay
  • Edmund Eberhard Scholz II and Yeni Berenice Vidal Robles
  • Dustin Dwayne Foster and Christina Ann Weeks

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