Liberty neighborhood unites to Back the Blue

Homes in Travis Park in Liberty were lit up in blue to show support for law enforcement on Sept. 11.

Houses in the Travis Park subdivision in Liberty were glowing with blue lights on Friday night as a show of support for law enforcement. Organized by Travis Park resident Charlotte Hight, the lighting event was planned to coincide with 9/11 and included a parade of police cruisers and fire trucks.

“I felt like our police need the support. I was tired of complaining on Facebook and wanted to channel my energy into something positive,” Hight said. “I talked to the ladies in my prayer group about it and we discussed getting other people to light up their houses in blue. I fixed up some bags containing blue light bulbs to give my prayer group partners, and asked them to pay it forward.”

In an effort to get the entire neighborhood to participate, Charlotte and her husband, Carl, visited every home in the days leading up to the event.

“We left notes on the doors. It was something to the effect of ‘Please join in support of backing the blue,'” Hight said.

She notified Liberty Police Department and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office about the blue lights and soon after a parade through the neighborhood was organized. The plan was for every resident participating to turn on blue lights in their front porch light fixtures at 7 p.m. When the moment came, 75 percent of the 100 or so homes began to glow with blue lights.

An hour or so later, the police cruisers, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles began to line up on her street for the parade. Hight said the participation was more than she had expected and she felt a moment of pride in her community.

“The police cars and fire trucks blew their sirens and honked their horns. It was really so patriotic and American,” she said. “I think they need the boost right now with everything going on. I think our police are under attack.”

On Monday, officers at Liberty Police Department were still talking about it, said Lt. Chip Fairchild, a spokesperson for the department.

“It was a great show of support that was very heartfelt for the whole department,” he said. “In so many places in the United States, police officers are being fought and are being attacked. I am so thankful that here, in Liberty, Texas, we are being supported.”

Hight said she plans to continue burning her blue lights in the coming weeks.

“I want to encourage people to not be afraid to show their support for law enforcement. Speak up. They need it,” she said.

Residents in Forest Hills subdivision in Liberty are now planning their own Light Up Blue event for Sept. 25. Bluebonnet News will share photos afterward.

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  1. The police officers aren’t the only ones under attack Charlotte Hight . I hope you and your prayer group realize that.. Does your prayer group pray for White lives or All lives

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