Letter to the editor: Money spent on investigations in Plum Grove should be spent on roads

Wayne Dolcefino with Dolcefino Consulting shares findings of an open records request for phone records from city and county officials and Colony Ridge developer Trey Harris during the April 12 Plum Grove City Council meeting.

Letter to the Editor:

I have been a longtime citizen of the City of Plum Grove and have some serious concerns where our tax dollars are being spent.  The infrastructure of our City is in shambles and nothing the citizens of Plum Grove can say to the council is heard, as it falls on deaf ears.  It seems that the council and ex-mayor have proven that very fact by their poor decision making and reckless spending.

At the October 12, 2020 regular council meeting, a motion was made and passed to hire Wayne Dolcefino Consulting to investigate for the Attorneys David Klein and Lloyd Gooselink, who on behalf of the City of Plum Grove, filed a lawsuit against Colony Ridge Development, LLC, for sewage and drainage problems that were caused by the developments and/or the developer, Trey Harris.

Through [Freedom of Information Act] requests from the city secretary, I received the invoices from Dolcefino Consulting. The charges billed from October 2020 through February 15, 2021 total $47,696.91, and that is not including March and April’s invoices.  This averages $9,539.33 a month. 

The City has recently worked out two interlocal agreements with Liberty County.  For larger projects there is a 50/50 agreement.  The City pays half or negotiable, and Liberty County pays the other half or negotiable.  The other agreement is for smaller projects, such as filling a few potholes, doing a little ditch work, picking up trash along the roadways, nothing big.  The City pays Liberty County $300 a month. 

With the infrastructure in such a state of disrepair, I would rather see the City spending $9,500 a month on the ditches and roads instead paying Dolcefino Consulting $9,500 a month to dig up dirt on our new Mayor Mary Arrendell, Liberty County officials, state officials, the developer, and anyone else that suits Mr. Dolcefino. 

In the time of about five and a half years that LeeAnn Penton-Walker and her “staff” have served in some sort of official capacity, they have managed to wreak havoc among the citizens.

Friends no longer are friends and even family members have chosen sides. The roads were not maintained other than filling potholes. The ditches what is left of them are grossly overgrown, small trees are growing in them, not mowed, and, little if any trash picked up.  But hey, we got speed bumps to the tune of $11,600. And let’s not forget the the barricades and signs purchased or rented for the road closures for $13,589.27, and where are they now? Yes, we have a new city hall, but it replaces the old city hall that was flooded.  But LeeAnn and the council want a ceremony and a plaque with their names on it.  Why?

I would like to quote ex-mayor LeeAnn Penton-Walker from the Bluebonnet News on September 18, 2020 and maybe you can realize what an impact she still has on the current council members. The mayor said that while there will be a “changing of the guard,” the new members coming onto council, with the exception of the new mayor, are in accord with each other when it comes to dealing with Colony Ridge. 

“Everything that is happening now is going to be done by the new council. Nothing is going to change when I leave. Nothing. You are going to have five members who all have my ideology – five – and Mary Arrendell.  I don’t think Ms. Arrendell has any idea how much work is involved.  She won’t be able to do anything.  She is not going to be able to negotiate anything.  She is not going to be able to get rid of any lawsuits, any attorneys, or make the council do anything because you will have five members who are in agreement with each other,” Penton-Walker told Bluebonnet News.

I can see how this council is still working, do you?


Judy Carey
Plum Grove resident


  1. Too funny this is… So will you now print EVERY letter to the editor that you receive or just those in favor of the Colony Ridge developer Vanessa? Cause if so, I might have a long Letter-to-the-editor to send to you myself about this mess Liberty County Commissioners Court has Permitted out here that’s destroyed my neighborhood my home and my city….

  2. Also do note that almost the entire council was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE of Plum Grove (1 was appointed to fill a vacant seat between elections)…. who cast a vote for Mayor Arrendell? Former Mayor Walker was ELECTED (to a council seat originally, then the council of elected representatives for our city elected HER to be mayor after her predecessor up and quit!). So again, how many people VOTED for Mayor Arrendell? NONE!

  3. So like, anybody else know who’s been in office for the past 5 1/2 years? How about, Boo Reaves the Precinct 3 Commissioner for this area who was finally voted out of office and replaced this past January (another story that!), Commissioners Court Judge Jay Knight, County Floodplain Administrator (among other titles) David Douglass…. at least! If ya think they had nothing to do with this train-wreck, then if my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon people!

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