Suspect in Cleveland murder case pleads guilty

Gerard Dante Simmons of Cleveland is facing a 50-year prison sentence for the 2016 murder of Tasha Green.

A Cleveland man who was expected to stand trial in June for a 2016 murder case pleaded guilty Friday, May 28. Gerard Dante Simmons, 33, is facing up to 50 years in prison when he is sentenced on Aug. 19 by 75th State District Court Judge Mark Morefield.

In his plea of guilt, Simmons admitted to brutally murdering his girlfriend, Tasha Green, a 36-year-old mother of five from Cleveland. After killing Green, Simmons dumped her body in a wooded area off of Wells Cemetery Road south of Cleveland. She was reported missing by her mother.

Investigators with Cleveland Police Department, working with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers, developed leads that subsequently resulted in the arrest of Simmons and the discovery of Green’s body.

Tasha Green was a beautiful mother of five when she was killed in 2016.

Simmons’ plea agreement negates the need for the guilt-innocence part of his trial and ensures that he will never appeal the sentence.

Simmons’ father, 56-year-old Phillip Simmons, is currently incarcerated in the Liberty County Jail, also on a murder charge. In May 2020, the senior Simmons allegedly brutally murdered his girlfriend, Trena Monique Jordan, in the 800 block of S. Holly Ave. in Cleveland. Jordan suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was found lying on the back porch of her residence. Her murder left two children without their mother.

Phillip Simmons was identified as the main suspect in the shooting by witnesses who provided police with a description of his vehicle. Cleveland Police Capt. Scott Felts and Sgt. David Edwards arrested Simmons while he was stuck in traffic on US 59 southbound near the San Jacinto River bridge.

Because Phillips Simmons’ case is more recent, no trial date is set.

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