Good deed alert: Whataburger customers spy employee buying meal for elderly customer

Liberty Whataburger employee Kaven Adams was photographed by Tarkington resident Jared Oliver recently after he purchased a meal for another person in need. Note: This photo was altered to blur the image and protect the privacy of the elderly gentleman.

A restaurant employee’s good deed, unbeknownst to him, recently was captured in a cell phone image taken by customers at the Whataburger restaurant in Liberty.

Tarkington resident Jared Oliver says he was dining at the restaurant on June 26 when he noticed the young employee on his mid-shift lunch break.

“We also see this older gentleman with gauze and tape on his arm, and a hospital bracelet, just sitting there with nothing in front of him,” Oliver explained.

The Whataburger employee, identified later as Kaven Adams, and the older gentleman were overheard making small talk when Adams suddenly went to the counter, placed an order and paid for it. When the food order was ready, he placed the food tray in front of the older gentleman and then returned to his own seat.

Adams’ actions made an impression on Oliver, who said, “Hats off to you, Kaven. The world needs more people like you in it. [My] faith in humanity is restored. God bless you, sir.”

According to a statement from BurgerWorks, which owns the Liberty and Cleveland locations, and the future Dayton location, Adams joined the staff of Whataburger recently and is a student at Liberty High School.


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