Road rage incident erupts into shots fired at vehicles at Dayton Fuel Maxx

The window glass is shot out on one of four vehicles involved in a road rage incident on Thursday, July 15. Dayton police are investigating.

Was an anti-Biden political bumper sticker the catalyst for a road road incident that happened overnight in Mont Belvieu and ended up with shots fired at a Fuel Maxx in Dayton? One of the people involved is making that claim.

“When they were hanging out the window hollering, they were yelling at my son, saying ‘F**k Trump,'” the mother of one of the men told Bluebonnet News.

Dayton Police Department is investigating the suspected road rage incident that involved four vehicles, which reportedly began around 7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 15, in Mont Belvieu. It continued on to the Fuel Maxx on FM 1413 at SH 146 in Dayton where shots were fired and then circled back to Baytown where a rolling gun battle played out on Main Street in the unincorporated area of the city with two of the vehicles.

Three of the victims – a father, son and a friend – told police they were on their way home from their jobs in Baytown Thursday night when the road rage incident began on SH 146 at the I-10 intersection. The mother of one of the victims told Bluebonnet News that the three men were traveling in their separate vehicles as they approached a red light at the intersection.

The alleged victims told Dayton police that a Lexus SUV with two occupants veered in front of their path, causing them to stop abruptly to avoid hitting them. When the light turned green, the SUV reportedly did not move immediately, prompting one of the other drivers – the son – to go around in his elevated Jeep.

His mother said the Lexus attempted to run her son off the road, causing his friend to try and intervene. The vehicles continued traveling northbound on SH 146. She said her son pulled onto FM 1413 and then into the Fuel Max parking lot where he grazed the Lexus SUV with his Jeep’s tires as it allegedly tried to pass him in the driveway. After a few verbal exchanges, the SUV left the scene and the Jeep driver pulled over to the gas pumps to refuel his vehicle while his dad and friend went inside the store.

A short time later, the Lexus SUV returned to the Fuel Maxx station and the driver or his occupant began firing on the men’s vehicles, according to their accounts to police. As the Lexus sped away from the scene, the father chased the vehicle, presumably to get his license plate number. The chase continued into Baytown where the conflict ended when the SUV driver circled back and the driver or the occupant reportedly began firing at the other vehicle. The father reportedly fired back with his own firearm before the vehicles sped away from each other.

The mother of the young man driving the Lexus has spoken to Dayton police and is sharing a different account of the road rage event. She claims her son and his friend were traveling along FM 146 and were forced off the road at FM 1413, which led to an escalation in the incident. She also claims that one of the other parties fired upon her son’s vehicle first as they were traveling down SH 146, which led to him retaliating and shooting the engine of one of the vehicles at the gas station.

She claims her son’s vehicle was fired upon from behind as he attempted to flee the scene. She said the road rage incident was not caused by the bumper sticker.

“My son doesn’t even know who the president is right now. This was about him being brake-checked and called racial slurs by the other people,” she said.

Chief Robert Vine with Dayton Police Department said his agency will be coordinating with neighboring agencies as the investigation continues. Vine told Bluebonnet News that he expects charges will be filed against some of the parties involved in the coming days.

“Based on what we have now, I expect we will be filing charges of Deadly Conduct or Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon against one or more of the persons involved,” he said.


  1. Her poor son was driving his Lexus and was attacked.Sounds like the normal excuses for little punk thugs.He circled back around and fired billeted in their engine because poor little guy was scared.Get this trash off the street and keep the trash off the street

  2. Sounds to me like typical story in today’s world. Some punk wanna be thugs don’t like something so they start shooting with no care about human life. They need to be brought to justice and never see the light of day again for attempted murder. That’s not aggravated assault. They fired firearms in an attempt to take someone’s life.

  3. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

    If folks can’t learn to respect that privilege, they should learn walk wherever they go.

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