LPD: ATM theft suspect may have stolen empty box

Liberty Police Lt. Chip Fairchild and Texas Ranger Josh Benson are pictured outside of Wells Fargo Bank in Liberty on Thursday following a theft at the bank's ATM.

A person who attempted to steal a cash box off of Brink’s truck on Thursday afternoon outside the Wells Fargo Bank, 2329 N. Main St., in Liberty may have soon learned that crime doesn’t pay.

“Brink’s is doing an audit of the truck right now to determine if any cash is actually missing. The suspect many have actually stolen an empty plastic box,” said Liberty Police Lt. Chip Fairchild.

The driver of the truck was in the process of emptying deposits and refilling the ATM with cash at the time of the theft. Fairchild said the driver was completely unaware that someone had slipped up and stolen one of the plastic boxes that are used inside ATMs to hold money and collect deposits.

Liberty police officers respond to a call regarding an ATM robbery on Thursday.

“Someone came by and said, ‘Hey, I just saw someone take something from the truck.’ That’s how the theft was discovered,” Fairchild said.

The driver then realized that one of the plastic boxes was missing. However, by this point, he had already removed and safely stored the contents of the box, which was holding deposits, Fairchild added.

“This wasn’t a robbery at gunpoint like some people have imagined. There was no gun. The guy just went up and got one of the boxes from the ATM,” Fairchild said.

Immediately after the incident, Liberty Police Department began searching for the suspect, identified as a black male wearing a mask and driving a white SUV.

Liberty Police Department now has several leads they are following up to identify the theft suspect. While the suspect may not have gotten away with any cash, he still faces a theft charge; however, the penalty for the theft will be based on the value of the plastic box.

A Brink’s truck that was servicing the ATM outside of Wells Fargo Bank in Liberty is kept behind police lines on Thursday while authorities investigated a theft.


  1. Another horrible job putting out information by the Liberty Police department. Has anybody been arrested for the murder of the store clerk at Happy Chaps .

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