Voters head to the polls for primary election day

Tuesday, March 1, is primary election day – the day when those who didn’t cast their ballots in early voting will head to the polls. Election day voting will continue through 7 p.m. tonight. Bluebonnet News will provide election returns later this evening at and on the Bluebonnet News Facebook page:

Voters must decide between two ballots – Republican and Democrat. One of the candidates on the Republican ballot for governor shares the name of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, so it’s important to understand who is running before heading to the polls. Primary elections often decide who will be elected as many local Republican races in Liberty County are unopposed by Democrat candidates. For other races, particularly statewide races, the ultimate victors will not be decided until the general election in November.

While ballots will vary based on where persons live, here’s a consolidated view of what is on the Republican and Democrat ballots:


U.S. Representative, District 36

  • Brian Babin


  • Kandy Kaye Horn
  • Paul Belew
  • Greg Abbott
  • Chad Prather
  • Don Huffines
  • Allen B. West
  • Danny Harrison
  • Rick Perry

Attorney General

  • Ken Paxton
  • George P. Bush
  • Louie Gohmert
  • Eva Guzman

Comptroller of Public Accounts

  • Mark V. Goloby
  • Glenn Hegar

Commissioner of the General Land Office

  • Weston Martinez
  • Victor Avila
  • Rufus Lopez
  • Jon Spiers
  • Dawn Buckingham
  • Don W. Minton
  • Ben Armenta
  • Tim Westley

Agriculture Commissioner

  • James White
  • Carey A. Counsil
  • Sid Miller

Railroad Commissioner

  • Tom Slocum Jr.
  • Sarah Stogner
  • Marvin “Sarge” Summers
  • Dawayne Tipton
  • Wayne Christian

Supreme Court Justice, Place 3

  • Debra Lehrmann

Supreme Court Justice, Place 5

  • Rebeca Huddle

Supreme Court Justice, Place 9

  • David J. Schenck
  • Evan Young

Court of Criminal Appeals Justice, Place 2

  • Mary Lou Keel

Court of Criminal Appeals Justice, Place 5

  • Scott Walker
  • Clint Morgan

Court of Criminal Appeals Justice, Place 6

  • Jesse F. McClure III

Member, State Board of Education, District No. 7

  • Julie Pickren
  • Abolaji Tijani “Ayo” Ayobami
  • Michael Barton
  • Danny Surman

State Senator, District 3

  • Robert Nichols

State Rep. District 18

  • Stephen A. Missick
  • Ronnie “Bubba” Tullos
  • Janis Holt
  • Ernest Bailes

9th Court of Appeals Justice, Place 2

  • Stephanie Hall
  • Jay Wright

District Judge, 75th Judicial District

  • Mark Morefield

District Judge, 253 Judicial District

  • Chap Cain

County Judge

  • Jay Knight
  • Lee Ann Penton-Walker

Judge, County Court at Law

  • Tommy Chambers
  • Michelle Mangum-Merendino

District Clerk

  • Miranda Litton Hulvey
  • Delia Sellers

County Clerk

  • Lee Haidusek Chambers

County Treasurer

  • Kim Harris

County Surveyor

  • John C. “Johnny” Moorman

County Commissioner, Pct. 2

  • Greg Arthur

County Commissioner, Pct. 4

  • Leon Wilson
  • Craig McNair

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1

  • Stephen Hebert

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2

  • Pamela Smith
  • Jimmy Belt

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3

  • Cody Parrish

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4

  • Larry Wilburn

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 5

  • Wade Brown

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 6

  • Ralph Fuller

County Chairman

  • Emily K. Cook

Republican voters also will be asked to answer yes or no to the following propositions:

Proposition 1: In light of the federal government’s refusal to defend the southern border, Texas should immediately deploy the National Guard, Texas Military Forces, and necessary state law enforcement to seal the border, enforce immigration laws, and deport illegal aliens.

Proposition 2: Texas should eliminate all property taxes within ten (10) years without implementing a state income tax.

Proposition 3: Texans should not lose their jobs, nor should students be penalized, for declining a COVID-19 vaccine.

Proposition 4: Texas schools should teach students basic knowledge and American exceptionalism and reject Critical Race Theory and other curricula that promote Marxist doctrine and encourage division based on creed, race, or economic status.

Proposition 5: Texas should enact a State Constitutional Amendment to defend the sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God, from fertilization until natural death.

Proposition 6: The Republican-controlled Texas Legislature should end the practice of awarding committee chairmanships to Democrats.

Proposition 7: Texas should protect the integrity of our elections by verifying that registered voters are American citizens, restoring felony penalties and enacting civil penalties for vote fraud, and fighting any federal takeover of state elections.

Proposition 8: Texas should ban chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation surgery on all minor children for sex transition purposes.

Proposition 9: Texas parents and guardians should have the right to select schools, whether public or private, for their children, and the funding should follow the student.

Proposition 10: Texans affirm that our freedoms come from God and that the government should have no control over the conscience of individuals.


U.S. Representative, District 36

  • Jon Haire


  • Beto O’Rourke
  • Michael Cooper
  • Rich Wakeland
  • Inocencio (Inno) Barrientez
  • Joy Diaz

Lt. Governor

  • S. “TBone” Raynor
  • Lee Merritt
  • Mike Fields
  • Joe Jaworski
  • Rochelle Mercedes Garza

Comptroller of Public Accounts

  • Janet T. Dudding
  • Angel Luis Vega
  • Tim Mahoney

Commissioner of the General Land Office

  • Jinny Suh
  • Michael Lange
  • Sandragrace Martinez
  • Jay Kleberg

Agriculture Commissioner

  • Susan Hays
  • Ed Ireson

Railroad Commissioner

  • Luke Warford

Supreme Court Justice, Place 3

  • Erin A. Nowell

Supreme Court Justice, Place 5

  • Amanda Reichek

Supreme Court Justice, Place 9

  • Julia Maldonado

Court of Criminal Appeals Justice, Place 5

  • Dana Huffman

Court of Criminal Appeals Justice, Place 6

  • Robert Johnson

Member, State Board of Education, District No. 7

  • Dan Hochman

State Senator, District No. 3

  • Steve Russell

Justice, 9th Court of Appeals District, Place No. 2

  • Bob Mabry

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2

  • Ronnie Davis

County Chairman

  • Michael A. Mark

Where do I vote?

The election day locations for both Republicans and Democrats are:

  • Voting Pct. 1 – Romayor Baptist Church. 307 FM 2610 Cleveland
  • Voting Pct. 2 votes at Pct. 3, Hardin City Hall. 142 County Road 2010, Liberty (Hardin)
  • Voting Pcts. 6 and 18 votes at Pct. 19, Jack Hartel Building, 318 San Jacinto St., Liberty
  • Voting Pcts. 8 and 25 votes at Pct. 9 – HI- Way Tabernacle, Cleveland (Tarkington)
  • Voting Pct. 10 – Trinity Baptist Church, 408 W Clayton St., Dayton
  • Voting Pct. 21 – Kenefick Southern Baptist Church, 3536 FM 1008, Dayton (Kenefick)
  • Voting Pct. 24 – Westlake VFD, 8704 FM 1409, Dayton (Westlake)
  • Voting Pct. 11 – Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 3730 FM 160 N, Raywood
  • Voting Pct. 4 – Devers School, 201 S. Chisolm St., Devers
  • Voting Pct. 13 – Hull-Daisetta High School, 117 N Main St., Daisetta
  • Voting Pcts. 20 and 26 votes at Pct. 7 at Cleveland Civic Center, 210 Peach St, Cleveland
  • Voting Pct. 23 votes at Pct. 31 at Plum Grove City Hall, 9485 Plum Grove Rd., Plum Grove
  • Voting Pct. 30 votes at Pct. 22 at the Dayton Community Center, 801 S. Cleveland St., Dayton

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