LPD: Kingwood man airlifted from Liberty with gunshot wound to his face

The shattered glass on the driver's side door of a Lexus sedan is visible through the passenger side window. The driver of the vehicle was shot Wednesday night in an incident that originated in Jefferson County, Texas. The vehicle was stopped in Liberty, Texas.

A 46-year-old Kingwood man was airlifted to a Houston-area trauma center Wednesday night with a gunshot wound to his face, according to Lt. Chip Fairchild, a spokesperson for Liberty Police Department.

The man was airlifted from a landing zone on US 90 west of Liberty after his vehicle was stopped by Liberty police who were responding to an Attempt To Locate (ATL) that was issued by law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County.

Details about what led to the shooting were not available Wednesday evening, according to Fairchild, except that it was an incident that originated in Beaumont or elsewhere in Jefferson County.

A Lexus sedan with a shattered driver’s side window is unloaded at Liberty Police Department by Smith Towing. The vehicle was involved in a shooting on Wednesday in the Beaumont area, authorities say.

Fairchild said the man was incoherent and bleeding badly from his wound when he was stopped by Liberty police. The Lexus sedan he was driving showed damage to the front driver’s side window where it appears the bullet or bullets made entry into the vehicle before striking the man.

The incident caused traffic to be delayed for a short time while authorities tended to the man’s medical needs before clearing the roadway.

An update will be posted as soon as more information becomes available.


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