Whataburger for a Year prize goes to Tarkington teen

Brady Bortz, 16, of Tarkington, is living his best life after winning Whataburger for a Year and getting to pose with the lovely ladies of Whataburger and the Houston Astros cheerleading team.

A 16-year-old Tarkington teenager, Brady Bortz, was the lucky winner of Whataburger for a Year during a promotional event held on July 9 at the Cleveland Whataburger location. In addition to that grand prize, he also won Whataburger and Houston Astros swag.

His mother, Mindy Bortz, said Brady is already taking advantage of his win by picking up Whataburger meals, and when he dines there, he creates a spectacle by showing up with the “best non-permed mullet in Tarkington, Texas, and wearing Whataburger socks he won as part of the prize basket.”

“He’s fancy just like the ketchup at Whataburger,” she said with a laugh.

The promotional event hosted by the Cleveland Whataburger was coordinated with the Houston Astros with the team’s mascot Orbit and cheerleaders making an appearance and posting for photos with fans.

According to Darwin Davis, a spokesperson for BurgerWorks, the franchise that owns the Whataburger restaurants in Liberty, Dayton and Cleveland, the event was a resounding success.

“We had about 300 people in attendance,” Davis said, adding his thanks to Bluebonnet News for helping to spread the word of the event.

“We gave away 100 tickets to Houston Astros games, four at a time. It turned out great. It was such a success for the Astros and us that we are looking at bringing other major league teams to Liberty County in the future,” Davis said. “Maybe we can get the Rockets or the Texans involved.”

Davis said the great turnout shows that Liberty County is hungry not only for Whataburger but for these types of events.

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