Moss Hill fire station one step closer to fruition

This rendering shows the look of the new Moss Hill fire station.

By Vanesa Brashier,

Three years after the donation of a parcel of land on SH 105 east of Moss Hill for a second fire station for Liberty County ESD #7, construction will soon be underway. However, the new fire station will not be located on the parcel of land donated to the ESD in 2019.

According to ESD #7 President Klint Bush, the property owners – Bill and Tammie Wingfield – agreed to swap the two properties as the first was too small to suit the Moss Hill fire station’s needs. The new parcel is located directly east of the Dollar General store about a quarter-mile from the SH 105/SH 146 intersection.

“We will be starting dirt work in a week or two and installing the culverts as soon as we get the permit from the state,” Bush said. “I expect the new station will be ready within six months.”

The new fire station is being funded through the ad valorem and sales taxes collected by the District. The ESD receives $0.03 per $100 valuation of property taxes for homes and businesses and collects a $0.015 sales tax on items sold from businesses within the District.

The new facility will have three apparatus bays with plenty of room for expansion as the area continues to grow, Bush said.

When asked why Moss Hill was chosen as the location for a second fire station, Bush said that 50 percent of ESD #7’s calls come from the northern part of the District.

“We need to serve the folks on the north end of the county just as well as we serve them on the southern end. Our call volume has really increased in the northern portion of the District,” Bush said.

Once it is built, the Moss Hill fire station will not be manned around the clock for now.

“Some of our volunteers live on the north end. They won’t have to go to Hardin to pick up a fire truck to answer those calls on the north end. It will save time because they can get a truck from Moss Hill and then head to the emergency,” Bush said.

The fire station will be equipped with at least one brush truck and a mainline fire engine.

“We have ordered a new fire engine for Hardin, which is actually a refurbished, custom-built fire engine. The fire engine that is currently in Hardin will be going to Moss Hill. The cab and chassis for the new fire engine are used and it will be like a new engine for about half the price. Just like the families of Liberty County, ESD #7 works within its budget, and we balance the wants and needs with the best interests of our residents always in our minds,” Bush said.

Bush is proud that ESD #7 is managing to build the station and obtain a second fire engine, while also working toward creating a firefighter training field in Hardin that would benefit all Liberty County firefighting agencies. He said the District is taking proactive steps to improve its fire service, which could actually improve the ISO rating and thereby lower homeowner’s insurance rates.

ESD #7 covers a 120-mile area of northeast Liberty County. The District stretches from FM 2830 (Airport Road) off of SH 146 north of Hardin to Snake River north of Moss Hill. The District includes the area east of the Trinity River on SH 105 to the Liberty-Hardin county line along SH 105, and FM 834 about midway between Hardin and Daisetta, and FM 1011 to the railroad tracks. The agency also provides mutual aid to neighboring fire departments and districts. The chief of ESD #7 (Hardin Fire and Rescue) is Nicolus Nelson.


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