Dayton man killed in crash Saturday night

A three-vehicle accident around 8 p.m. Saturday claimed the life of a Dayton man.

According to Capt. Shane Burleigh, a spokesperson for Dayton Police Department, 43-year-old Soraida Rodriguez-Reyna was traveling eastbound on FM 1960 just west of the Grand Parkway when she make a U-turn and pulled directly into the path of an eastbound motorcycle driven by William Devening, 41, of Dayton. Devening’s wife, Deanna, 48, was a passenger on the motorcycle.

Devening struck Rodriguez-Reyna’s vehicle on the driver’s side. After the initial accident, the motorcycle came to rest in the eastbound lane of FM 1960 where it was struck by another vehicle driven by Devin Luckett, 28.

Devening died in the crash. The pronouncement of death was made at the scene by Liberty County Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace Larry Wilburn.

Devening’s critically-injured wife was airlifted by LifeFlight to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. Her condition at this time is unknown.

Rodriguez-Reyna also suffered injuries and was transported by ground ambulance to Kingwood Hospital. Luckett reportedly suffered no injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Burleigh said Rodriguez-Reyna is cooperating with the investigation. No charges have been filed at this time.


  1. Another death on texas highways by another idiot on the roads, go somewhere safe to turn around do not u-turn in the roadway I hope she gets charged for a stupid move.(you are not in that big of a hurry) hope you get some time to think about your stupid move

  2. Shame on her it’s vehicular manslaughter all day long and she needs to be held accountable and if ever let out she needs to take the drivers test over

    • R.i.P. dear will always helping others my God dear friend you will be greatly missed. Deanna may God bring peace and healing sweet lady God watch over her she is hurting inside and out please keep this family in ur prayers . Family please let us know if we can do anything much love and respect Will is an amazing soul we truly lost one of the great ones fly high dear will watch over us until we meet again

  3. Sounds like an illegal uturn to me. They said no charges have been filed. I wonder about the legal status of Ms. Rodriguez Reyna. My oldest cousin and another childhood friend were both hit and killed in seperate accidents by illegal aliens, and no charges were ever filed on them either.

    • I respect she need to be held accountable for her actions but there was no need for the racist comment about the legal status . It’s unnecessary. When there’s someone whom lost a loved one .

  4. People in Dayton have been making illegal u-turns down 1409, highway 146 all the time it’s crazy how they get away with that this lady is probably been doing that all her life making illegal u-turns all I can say is pray for the family on both sides

  5. Thatan 8s my first born grandson. I am deepest grief.completely shattered by his loss. He held my heart on a string wrapped around his finger. I don’t know to go on. His wife is barely hanging on with so many injuries she may not make it and if she does , could be paralyzed the rest of her life. The whole family is in shock and

  6. That is terrible news. I live just outside of Dayton city limits but my address is Dayton so I consider myself a Daytonian. I didn’t know the Devening couple, but I hurt for their friends and loved ones. I prayed for Mrs. Devening’s full recovery and for all the friends and family who mourn the loss and are worried about Mrs. Devenings.

  7. I’m so lost for the right words but in something as terrible as this there just are no right words, I’m so very sorry for your loss 😭 and I pray 🙏 for the wife family and friends, but at the same time I pray 🙏 for the one held accountable because she will be I pray 🙏 that someday you will all be able to forgive her if not for her than for your own healing, we are all guilty of the same thing in one way or another and in God’s eyes please try and talk to God, He is your very present help in time’s of troubles only He can help you through such a diffical time God bless you all and my prayers are with you.

  8. Will was my nephew and He lost his young son 7 years ago in a tragic accident, almost losing his own life and his daughter. Now this tragedy, which DID take his life. Deanna is fighting for her life now and our family is grieving for my nephews loss as well as his wife while she lays in the hospital so badly injured and torn up. Please pray for God’s healing over my family. Deanna still has several surgeries to get through. Will is missed and loved by so many people who knew him and treasured him.

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