Constable Hunter keeps The Grinch from stealing Christmas in Tarkington

Pct. 5 Constable David Hunter nabs The Grinch on Wednesday as he attempted to enter a school campus in Tarkington.

Tarkington is a long way from Whoville, but that didn’t stop The Grinch from showing up at Tarkington schools on Wednesday as students, families and educators were celebrating Christmas before the winter break.

As luck would have it, Pct. 5 Constable David Hunter was at the schools at the same time, and he nabbed The Grinch before he could steal Christmas.

“I was there because there were a lot of parents and students coming and going. I wanted to make sure everything was good to go. Then I looked up to see The Grinch trying to sneak past the administration office, so I sacked him up,” said Hunter, chuckling.

When reminded that The Grinch is actually reformed now and loves spreading Christmas cheer, Hunter said he wasn’t taking any chances.

“I didn’t want him disrupting school and our kiddos,” he said.

The Grinch was released into the wild by Hunter, so it is possible that he will be seen a few more times before Christmas arrives this Sunday.

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