Liberty County Appraisal Review Board swears in new members

The Liberty County Appraisal Review Board is made up of community volunteers who were appointed to two-year terms. The board includes (left to right) Niki Coats, Dr. Jimmy Smith, Link Brown Jr., Richard Pegues, Emily Cook, Donny Haltom and Calvin Carter. Not pictured is Chairman Jiles P. Daniels. Coats serves as secretary and Cook is vice-chair.

New members of the Liberty County Appraisal Review Board were sworn in to their terms on Thursday, Jan. 19.

Historically, the Central Appraisal District Board chose the members of the Appraisal Review Board. During the last legislative session, the Texas Legislature enacted legislation that moved the appointment of the Appraisal Review Board members to the local administrative judge. 

For Liberty County, the local administrative judge is 253rd State District Court Judge, The Honorable Chap Cain.  Terms are for two years and staggered.

The new members of the LCARB are Donny Haltom, Richard Pegues and Jiles P. Daniels.

“The Appraisal Review Board serves as the decision-making body when there are disputes between property owners and the Central Appraisal District regarding property values, applicability of exemptions and other issues affecting the taxable value of an individual’s property within Liberty County,” said Emily Cook, LCARB vice-chair.

The Appraisal Review Board hears appeals during the protest season (summer) when property owners contest the property values and are unable to reach an agreement with the CAD. 

The LCARB has eight members representing the various communities of Liberty County. Jiles P. Daniels is the new chair. Niki Coats, former mayor of Cleveland, is the secretary.


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