Liberty County marriage licenses for April 2018

– James Michael Evitts and Callie Evette Mason

– John Thomas Stelly Jr. and Terri Lyn Luquette

– Justin Bryant Murry and Natalie Nicole Murphy

– Bernardo Munoz Mora and Guadalupe Burgos Lopez

– Guerrero Angel Torres and Karina Burgos

– Mark David Ellington and Christina Marie McMurphy

– Elijah Hood Davis II and Michelle Primeaux

– Nicholas James Cunningham and Savannah Elizabeth Rose Allard

– Kyle Brennan McGahey and Desirae Michelle Dittman

– Kadeem Desmond Wilson and Gabrielle Marie Miller

– Olvera Fidel Garcia and Nancy Elizabeth Resendiz

– Landon McCade Moore and Natalie Paige Gilbert

– William Alexander Cochran II and Gladys Ann Elizabeth Edenfield Miller

– Gibson Dale Wyant and Catherine Lee Eskew

– Herson A. Cruz-Cruz and Marla Gomez Campos

– Marcos Noe Escobar Herrera and Karen a. Munoz Quintanilla

– Corey Shane Ford and Crystal Deliverance Pierce

– James Preston Rone and Jennifer Marie Gardiner

– Joshua David Zabrowski and Nicole Danielle Greene

– Cody Alexis Hernandez and Lauren Abrielle Morrison

– John Carl Arabie and Glenda Ann Voss

– James Albert Knapp and Kimberly Ann Myers

– Curtis Wayne Peeler and Shawna Anna Marie Berger

– Dustin Eugene Gill and Chrystal Dawn Morrill

– Kevin Nelson Holland and Melissa Marie Randell

– Robert Allen Fisher and Charla Kay Hargraves

– David Alan Driskill and Makena Marie Brackenridge

– Luke William Thornton and Connie Ann McKeand

– Jeffrey Garrett Yeager and Cassie Vashti Campbell

– Curtis Lee Cross and Melody Yvonne Puckett

– Charles Daniel Hall Jr. and Tiffany Justus Yuen

– Thomas Harry Hill and Karyn Betti Schurwon

– Joseph Lee Ingalls and Jenny Barefield Schaefer

– James Robert Merrifield and Kaci Erin Hryhorchuk


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