Devotional: Who are you working with?

George had always wanted a tree house, so he pleaded with his father to build one. His father agreed and began work on it.  George watched from his window as his father went to work. After two weeks, it was done.

In another family, Tom also wanted a tree house.  His father also agreed to build it, but with Tom’s help. Together they gathered the materials, took turns sawing, and alternated hammering the nails.  After two weeks, the tree house was completed.

Which father do you believe is more like our Heavenly Father?  The Apostle Paul wrote, “We are laborers together with God.”  I believe our God does not want us to build our tree houses alone.  God wants you and him (God) to work together building the tree house.

Which of the two boys mentioned do you suppose appreciated the tree house the most?  I believe it was Tom, who built the structure together with his father.  I believe he felt a sense of accomplishment.  This is exactly what God wants us to feel.

This is not a new concept.  From the beginning, God has relied on people to advance His work.  After equipping Adam to cultivate the land and supervise the animals, God left the work of the garden in his hands.

The pattern has continued.  When God wanted a dwelling place on earth, a tabernacle, and temple did not descend from the sky.  Thousands of artists and craftsmen worked to fashion them. (See Exodus 36 and I Kings 6)

I believe God welcomes us as His kingdom partners.  Is it possible that we are waiting on God and God is waiting for us to labor together with Him?  Have a great week.

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