Op-Ed: A reply to Rep. Babin’s support of ICE

By Robert Hoffman, guest columnist

Rep. Babin stated he passed House Resolution 990 to support the critical work of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and denounced the efforts by radical left wing politicians and activists to abolish it. Why does Rep. Babin classify people who did not want this law as radical left wing politicians and activists? Why does he condemn protestors who only want a chance to keep their families together and seek a higher quality of life?

He should denounce the shallow work that ICE performs in this issue and eulogize the thoughtful people who want a reformed, comprehensive immigration program without all of the narrow limits in the ICE one.

Rep. Babin makes it sound as if he represents himself as a savior that will eliminate the problems of illegal immigration because of this new law. Does he realize that promulgating this law will create many more problems for people who engage in the immigration process, including more legal embroilments, higher costs, and longer time for legal immigration?

No one doubts that some dangerous criminals enter the United States illegally. Nevertheless, what about the thousands of good people who seek a better life for themselves and their families? Separating families and children certainly shows a heartless indifference toward a suffering humanity, and this humanitarian issue needs immediate legal addressing.

ICE certainly needs critical support to protect the U.S. borders, but a sweeping reformation must occur with an all inclusive and quicker immigration process. Unlike the current slow and sluggish program, reformed and better laws and an efficient program to deal with both legal and illegal immigrants will eliminate many of the problems that the U.S. now experiences.

Not merely slow down illegal immigration, but speed up the legal one for people who seek a better life for themselves and their families.

Rep. Babin, keep working for better immigration reform.

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