Store closing leaves Moss Hill without easy fuel supply

Fitzpak store and Hilltop Inn in Moss Hill are closed at the present time while a purchase deal is negotiated.

Until a month ago, Fitzpak store at the corner of SH 105 and SH 146 in Moss Hill, was a busy place, with customers purchasing fuel and diesel, picking up sodas and snacks, or looking for a grocery item that prevented a trip to “town,” as locals call the town of Liberty, some 15 miles away.

The property is going through a transition at the moment, with owner Phil Fitzgerald negotiating a deal to sell the store and hotel. Fitzgerald said the deal could be complete within the next 60-90 barring any last-minute problems.

For the people who live in Moss Hill, the store closing has created a hardship as they now must drive 8-10 miles away to purchase fuel.

“It’s been an adjustment for us, too,” Fitzgerald said.

Austin Bank

If the deal goes as planned, the present store could be razed to make way for a new one.

“It’s still a ways away, but if they buy it, I look for them to tear it down and build a new one,” he said.

Fitzgerald has owned the property since 2000, adding a hotel in later years. For the last four years, the business was leased with Fitzgerald retaining ownership of the building and the roughly 1-acre lot.

“When I was a kid, there were seven stores in our area – Mettlen’s Blanchard’s, Cain’s, Small’s, ours and two other locations in Snake River,” he said. “Now there are only a couple but you can’t get gas there.”

Fitzgerald was tight-lipped regarding the identity of the buyer, but said that as soon as the deal is final, he will share more information.

“It’s a little premature right now to say anything but it’s getting real close to being complete,” he said.



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