Cleveland man charged with Deadly Conduct for Aug. 11 shooting incident

An Aug. 11 shooting incident at the intersection of Frances and Hortense streets in Cleveland has resulted in the arrest of Jose Armando Faz Pimental, 19, of Cleveland.

Pimental was arrested by Cleveland Police Department on Aug. 28, but his arrest wasn’t made public until a Sept. 5 press release from Capt. Scott Felts, CPD spokesperson.

When police officers were dispatched to the scene Aug. 11, they searched the area to locate the parties involved. During their investigation, officers reportedly were able to determine the shots were fired toward a residence on Helen St. A search of the crime scene led officers to recover several shell casings and other related evidence, Felts said. Officers met with several citizens who assisting in providing a description of the suspect’s vehicle.

“While Officer Joe Rosas was searching the area, he located a vehicle matching the description on Hortense Street. Officer Rosas met with several persons at this residence,” Felts said.

Rosas reportedly was given consent to search the house and found an AK-47 rifle that was believed to be involved in the shooting. Unable to determine who might have fired the weapon, officers were unable to make an arrest that evening.

“Several days later, Officer Rosas conducted a follow-up investigation at the residence. While speaking with occupants of the residence, Officer Rosas was able to obtain a confession from the person who conducted the shooting,” Felts said. “Officer Rosas found the shooting was motivated by an ongoing argument with an occupant of the residence that was fired upon.”

Pimental is charged with Deadly Conduct, a state jail felony, and was issued a $12,000 bond by Municipal Court Judge Bob Steely.

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