Splendora students treated to ‘Letter P Picnic’

Kindergarten students at Piney Woods Elementary School recently celebrated their learning about the letter P by having a “Letter P Picnic.”  Students enjoyed a variety of snacks that begin with the letter P. Snacks included: popcorn, pickles, peanut butter cookies, pepperoni, pop tarts, potato chips, Popsicles and punch.

“The students loved being able to go outside and enjoy the outdoor classroom for the picnic,” said teacher Morgan Reneau.  “They were all so excited and as we passed out each snack they helped the teacher by calling out the snack and the sound they heard in the beginning… p-p-p-popcorn,” Reneau added.  

The picnic provided the students with a hands-on experience and real-life examples that will help them with reading and learning their letters and sounds. 

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