Cleveland ISD names this week’s Star Students

Every week, Cleveland ISD teachers are asked to pick students who are representing the school well through their academic work, fair treatment of others, school spirit, good citizenship and other traits.

This week, the following students were selected:

Southside Elementary

  • Cristian Olais (Pre-K) Cristian is always ready to start the day. He comes in ready to learn, and he is very helpful, always willing to help in anything he can. He is a pleasure to have in my class! Way to go, Cristian! ~B. Marquez
  • Milka Morales (Kinder) Milka is always ready to add to our class discussion and learn new things. She has an awesome attitude! ~S. Charlot
  • Gisell Razo (1st grade) Gisell always listens and follows directions. She participates
    and is kind to other students, always helping if asked. She is an example of how
    school rules should be followed. I am so excited to have Gisell in my class this year.
    ~D. Slocumb
  • Dana Torres (1st grade) Dana is continuously showing school wide expectations. She treats others the way she would like to be treated, she is always on task, and comes to school on time every day – ready to learn. ~G. Cruz
  • Valeria Huguette (1st grade) She is always helping other student, and she has a great smile on her face. ~~ Piedad Lopez-Velarde
  • Melanie Shears (1st grade) Melanie is always kind and nice to everyone. She works very hard and is very respectful. She is a joy to have in class. Thank you Melanie! You are a star student and I am so glad that you are in my class. ~K. Gunnell
  • Anthony Garcia (2nd grade) Anthony shows good citizen and he is always on task. ~C. Kang
  • Diana Alvarez (2nd grade) Diana is a sweet girl, she is very helpful and a hard worker. ~M. McPhee
  • Roeidy Castrejon (2nd grade) Roeidy comes to class ready to work and has a great attitude about school. ~M. Bennett
  • Christian Garza (2nd grade) Christian is a wonderful student to have in class. He is very helpful with tasks around the classroom and he works very hard for his grades. He is quiet, a good friend, and a leader in our classroom. I am very proud of Christian! ~C. Townsend
  • Genesis Carranza (2nd grade) Genesis is an excellent math and reading student. She loves to help others and has very high expectations of herself. She has a great
    imagination as well. ~J. Hendrick
  • Ian Lizcano (2nd grade) Ian always participates and is very dedicated. ~C. Kang
    Yuliana Leal (2nd grade) Yuliana is a hard working student with a constant positive
    attitude, and a great helper for the teacher and peers. ~N. Petersen
  • Evelyn Arevalo (3rd grade) Evelyn always has the biggest smile on her face, she will
    help anyone in any way that she can, and she tries her hardest in everything she does. ~R. Brown
  • Adamaris Torres-Beltran (3rd grade) Adamaris is such a joy to have in class, she is always eager to help and be the best student she can be. Adamaris is always thinking of others and has such a big heart. She is also an amazing artist, and I am so happy to have her in my class. ~C. Kunkel
  • Britney Suazo (3rd grade) Britney is a sweet, loving, and kind person. Every morning she comes to school with a smile on her face. She is also a very studious person, who is always trying to achieve excellence in everything she does. I am so thankful to have you in my class Britney! ~C. LaBernz
  • Ashley Vasquez (3rd grade) Ashley is a motivated student who loves to read and is
    eager to learn. She is a great peer helper and always has a positive attitude and a
    warm smile. She will go far! A big shout out to Ashley Vasquez! ~L. Mooser
  • Elsie Santos (3rd grade) Elsie works hard in class and helps others. She is always
    respectful to teachers. ~J. Dumas
  • Kaylie Earley (4th grade) I appreciate how kind Kaylie is to her classmates. She is
    always willing to help out anyone in need. She models great citizenship by using her
    manners without any reminders. Way to go Kaylie and keep up the good work! ~K.
  • Johnny Espinoza (4th grade) Johnny is a hard working student, he recently met his
    learning goal in math class. I am very proud of him. ~T. Cates
  • Richard Hernandez (5th grade) Richard is a great helper, he always participates in
    class, he is a hard worker and a team leader! Thanks Richard! ~B. Reyes
  • Nataly Sanchez (5th grade) Nataly is always eager to learn and always has a smile
    on her face in class. She is very friendly to other classmates and is always eager to
    help others. She is a joy to have in class! ~S. Dawson

Northside Elementary

  • Sonora Fernandez (1st grade) Sonora is one of the sweetest students I have the
    opportunity to teach this year. She has shown growth over the last couple of weeks, both academically and in her personality. Sonora always volunteers to answer questions, and does a great job paying attention and doing what she is asked in music. Way to go, Sonora! ~E. Antenangeli
  • Kevin Catete (1st grade) Kevin always follows directions, and he is a fabulous listener. ~K. Knowlton
  • Alexander Gruschke (1st grade) Alexander is a joy to have in my class. He is enthusiastic about learning and he works very hard in class. He is always willing to help out in class. ~D. Burkett
  • Ethan Edwards-Shedd (3rd grade) Ethan was gained dojo points this last week. He follows directions the first time, he also does his best in class! Mr. Kane and I appreciate his awesome attitude! Ethan loves to learn. Keep up the hard work, Ethan! ~J. Hanson
  • Lanie Hiser (3rd grade) Lanie is very helpful to not only her peers but her teachers as well. She is always volunteering to help around the classroom. Lanie tries to help as many of her classmates to see they are just as successful. She is respectful and wonderful to everyone. ~H. Porter
  • Katherine Salgado (3rd grade) Katherine is a fantastic student that always works hard. She comes to school prepared and ready to complete whatever tasks are thrown her way. I am so proud and honored to have sweet Katherin in our classroom this year. ~A. Bashor
  • Emmanuel Martinez (3rd grade) I am so grateful to have Emmanuel in my class this year! He has been working hard from day one and continues to push himself each and every day. Emmanuel has tried new strategies to solve his math work problems and is a huge help with explaining to his peers how to solve a problem and why he did the steps he did! Emmanuel is a wonderful example to his peers! ~A. Golightly
  • Esmeralda Carmona (4th grade) Esmeralda is a wonderful student, she loves to help her peers. She will be an amazing teacher when she grows up. ~B. Ellenberger
  • Jordan McDuffie (5th grade) Jordan is a joy to work with, he is always willing to try his best. He is a very respectful young man. ~K. Green

Eastside Elementary

  • Liam Gonzalez (Kinder) Liam helped clean up the lunchroom after lunch for his friends who were in the restroom. He is always eager to help, he is kind and respectful. I really enjoy having him in class. Great job Liam! ~B. Rodriguez
  • Aydan Bell (Kinder) Aydan showed great compassion and friendliness by gently walking a friend to the door and holding her hand! He did an awesome job with making sure she did not fall! Great job Aydan! ~L. Houston
  • Gisselle Montanez (Kinder) Gisselle is very sweet to everyone, she works hard and is very eager to learn. ~B. Rodriguez
  • Javier Moctezuma (1st grade) Javier is a great student. When Javier is in the gym,
    I can always count on him to follow directions. He is always kind to others, and being
    enthusiastic about everything. He has a great attitude, very respectful and has good citizenship! ~L. Pineda
  • Adeline Haralson (1st grade) Adeline is doing an awesome job working in the classroom! Way to be! ~L. Houston
  • Yeimy Hernandez (2nd grade) Yeimy is a great student. Her conduct is impeccable,
    moreover, today she found a dollar on the floor and she brought it to me. Later on, a
    student was looking for his last dollar and of course he was able to recover it. Awesome job, Yeimy! ~S. Turner
  • Kathia Lopez (2nd grade) Kathia was quiet and finished her work in a timely manner. Thank you, Kathia, way to go! ~J. Huffmeister
  • Alexander Rosales (2nd grade) Alexander did a good deed, he helped a student find his lost pencil. Thank you for your kindness, Alexander! ~J. Huffmeister
  • Axel Luevano (2nd grade) Axel was quiet and is very well behaved. He finished all of his work and helped other students with their work. ~J. Huffmeister
  • Karla Calvillo (4th grade) Karla is such a nurturing student, always thinking of others. She helps our younger students on the afternoon bus. ~R. Smith
  • Mia Martinez-Meneses (4th grade) Mia is a start student for many reasons! She follows our CHAMPS and sets an excellent example for her peers. She always participate in class and helps her peers with classroom activities. Her effort has kept her on top of the highest scores in class and her AR goal is halfway completed! Keep doing the great job Mia! ~D. Anez
  • Destaney Leal (5th grade) Destaney works well with others and is very kind to everyone. ~B. Magner
  • Chloe Hill (5th grade) Chloe is a great helper and she is also very honest. I can always count on her to be positive. ~B. Magner

Cleveland Middle School

  • Yahaira Carranza (6th grade) Yahaira has worked very hard perfecting her skills. She always has a smile on her face, and she is a really great aim with her bean bags when she is working on ELA. ~T. Pennington
  • Bryson Mander (6th grade) Bryson is a hard-working, well behaved student. He models appropriate behavior for other students and always follows classroom rules and procedures. He also has an upbeat, positive attitude and bright cheery smile that makes him a joy to be around. I am so glad to have Bryson as my student this year! ~A. Worsham
  • Diego Henriquez (6th grade) Diego is an amazing young man. He enters the classroom with a smile on his face and prepared to learn. He is one of CMS’s most hard working students. ~S. Rivas
  • Heather Day (7th grade) Heather is always giving 110%! She is an excellent student, walks in with a smile and leaves me with a smile. Heather’s positive attitude is contagious. Thank you, Heather! ~M. Morales
  • Robert Bartlett (8th grade) Robert comes to class with a smile on his face ready to work every day. He is constantly willing to do whatever it takes to be an amazing learner. ~J. Todd
  • Mariah Harrison (8th grade) Mariah has great school spirit! Thank you, Mariah! ~A. Kettelkamp
  • Vanessa Alva (8th grade) Vanessa has great school spirit! Thank you, Vanessa! ~A. Kettelkamp

Cleveland High School

  • Alexia Denson (10th grade) Alexia is always willing to help out students that are struggling with math problems. She takes time with them and it is amazing how she helps them. She is always smiling and happy. It is wonderful to have her in class! ~A. King
  • Garrett Groce (10th grade) every day Garrett comes to class, studies and practices the skills and programs we cover. He does it with enthusiasm and fervor. With this continue approach, Garrett will skyrocket to the top of whatever he chooses to do in his future. ~R. Lavine
  • Eric White (10th grade) Eric is very helpful young man, he loves to assist his teachers and help out with students in the basic life skills class. He has great manners and is always polite. ~C. Young
  • Jaslin Sanchez (11th grade) Jaslin, last Friday night, was past exhaustion and being tired after making so many tacos. She stayed until the bitter end, and I was so proud of her for pushing through and getting the job done. Jaslin is a very dedicated young lady! ~A. Pope
  • Alexandro Barron (11th grade) Alex is a great student and makes our 8th period exciting on a regular basis. He asks intelligent questions that he truly wants to know the answers to. He enjoys sharing his thoughts on whatever topic we may be discussing in class and challenges his classmates to really think about what we are studying, and then pushes them to a new level, without even realizing what a valuable asset he is to our classroom, especially at the end of a long school day. ~C. Hutchinson
  • Joshua Morgan (11th grade) Joshua is a great student to have in class. He is always ready to contribute to the conversation. He has great ideas and opinions to share, which results in helping facilitate excellent classroom discussions. He shows up each day, ready to go, and first period is at 7:00 AM! I appreciate that so much!! We are blessed to have him in our class! ~C. Hutchinson
  • Axel Torres (12th grade) Axel is a great student that is committed to go to college. He is always curious and works hard to solve math problems, he never gives up, and he strives to be one of the top seniors this year. Glad to have Axel in my college Algebra class! ~G. Tarpomanov
  • Erin Daily (12th grade) Erin is a responsible young lady who exhibits great enthusiasm. She has been taking pictures for the school and she has included as many students as she can. She is a great photographer and she has a good eye for photography. I have enjoyed being around her this year, as she has exhibited great change. She is always smiling and polite. I am glad to have gotten to know her this year. ~J. Youngblood
  • Katrina Loge (12th grade) Katrina is a bright young lady and a pleasure to be around. She is always polite, kind, and respectful towards adults and her peers. Katrina is an excellent student and does her best to excel in all that she does. This year, I am thankful I got to know her. ~J. Youngblood
  • Zoie Pillow (12th grade) Zoie is a wonderful, and special lady. She is kind, compassionate, and possesses amazing empathy that most students her age cannot understand. Zoie is a gem to friends, and a blessing to her family. ~J. Wallace

Douglass Learning Academy

  • Katya Mira Romero (12th grade) Katya has been working diligently every day to be successful in her math class not allowing distractions to deter her from completing her goal of graduating. Way to go Katya! ~B. Simpson
  • Chance Griffin (12th grade) by the time you read this, Chance will have completed all his requirements for graduation! He is currently finishing English 4B this very minute. Chance is an amazing creative writer, a brilliant thinker, and an aspiring graphic design artist. Congratulations, Chance!! We will miss you at DLA!! ~V. Cox
  • Brittany Burgess (12th grade) Brittany is a friendly and a good student! She is focused on finishing her coursework. She does not let other things distract her from her goal to graduate this December. She is very helpful, and usually the first to volunteer to help the DLA staff and her classmates. ~D. Seagraves
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