Splendora ISD police chief credited with saving baby

Splendora ISD Police Chief Rex Evans (file photo)

A baby’s life reportedly was saved Friday afternoon, around 2 p.m., by Splendora ISD Police Chief Rex Evans.

Evans says he was sitting at a stop sign on FM 2090 and Cox Street in Splendora when a vehicle pulled up alongside him and the occupants began screaming at him that their baby was not breathing. As he ran to the passenger side of the couple’s vehicle, Evans radioed for an ambulance.

“I jumped out, grabbed the baby and started chest compression and cleared the baby’s airway,” Evans said Friday evening, still obvious emotional about the day’s events. “The baby was blue when I picked it up.”

After a minute of performing CPR, the baby began to respond, Evans said.

“The baby started to scream. It happened so fast. The mom was hugging me and stuff. It was just crazy,” he said.

When EMS arrived, they transported the baby to Kingwood Regional Medical Center’s pediatric ER where tests may determine what caused the medical emergency, according to Evans.

The chief is thankful he was in the right place at the right time and equipped with the knowledge to help the baby.

When asked if he feels heroic for having saved a child’s life, Evans said, “I don’t feel heroic. It’s more like I was scared.”

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