Hunt’s Picks: Vince Flynn’s new book takes on Russia

By Melvin Hunt, book reviewer

In Vince Flynn’s new book titled “Red War,” Russian President Maxim Krupin wants revenge. 

He is seeking retribution from Grisha Azarov, who wants to leave Russia and Krupin’s employment to defect to Costa Rica. 

Russian Spetsnaz troops invade Azarov’s home in Costa Rica.  The Russians are intercepted by Mitch Rapp, the hero in many of Flynn’s books, and Flynn’s troops. Azarov’s girlfriend is severely wounded by the Russians. Rapp manages to get Azarov and his girlfriend to America so she can receive proper care.

After her condition is stabilized, Azarov wants to seek revenge on President Krupin, who has developed brain cancer and feels compelled to wage war to maintain power. It becomes the job of Rapp to stop him.

Accompanied by Azarov, Rapp seeks a method to stop the Russian president.

Krupin has put together a crew to help him — Nikita Pushkin and General Andrei Sokolovare — a deadly pair. In the meantime Irene Kennedy has a conference with Prime Minister Utkin. He is to become the president should Rapp and Azarov manage to take out President Krupin.

This ends up in a war between Russia and NATO and some of the surrounding countries. Pick up a copy and read this exciting book. 

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