Trinity Armory aims to empower families with learning opportunities

Earl Diggs Jr. (left), chief range officer, and Jack Wieghat, vice-president of Trinity Armory in Cleveland, stand ready to help customers with their fire arm needs and training.

By Rachel Hall, contributing writer

Everyone has something to learn, and some people even have things to teach.

“I think it’s important everyone learns about guns as soon as they can,” explained Chief Range Safety Officer Earl Diggs, Jr. at Trinity Armory.

When it comes to handling firearms for defense, sport, or hunting, practice makes proficient.

“Accidents are usually caused by ignorance,” said Diggs. “My calling my entire career has always been safety and that is paramount here at Trinity.”

License to Carry (LTC) classes are in high demand, but one should consider the practical knowledge he or she has about firearms before deciding to sign up and that’s why Diggs offers a basic pistol course.

“I recommend people taking the basic pistol course before the LTC,” said Diggs.

The course is designed for people who know little or nothing about firearms. The four-to-six hour class covers important topics such as safely storing guns, holding techniques, differences of bullets, cleaning, and how to shoot.

“There is a hands-on component to the class, plus each student will be provided with ammo to shoot a pistol at the end,” added Diggs.

While the first basic pistol course will be held on Sunday, Jan. 6, it is not the only class on the 2019 schedule. Additional classes offered by Diggs and fellow instructor, Jayme Clark, include: LTC; Refuse to be a Victim; Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home; and, Certification of Range Safety Officers.

“We are a one-stop shop here,” explained Vice President Jack Wieghat. “This is the place to come learn, even as families.”

The family-owned and operated business maintains its family focus by providing friendly customer service and activities that appeal to all ages – including a simulation room available for birthday party rentals and general use.

It was 2016 when Trinity Armory underwent a rebranding – changing the company name from Cleveland Police Supply, which was often mistaken for only being open to law enforcement.

“We would get phone calls all the time asking if we were open to the public, and we always were,” said Wieghat.

The rebranding provided an opportunity to market the gun range and training facility as a company that is pro-law enforcement, pro-Christian, and pro-veteran, according to Wieghat, who built the company with a single vision on safety.

“I want families to come in here and see we have it all under control. It’s safe here,” said Wieghat.

Trinity Armory hopes to be and stay a place where families can learn together and shoot together. For additional details, call 281-659-2800 or follow Trinity Armory on Facebook at

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