Southside Elementary goes Wild and Wacky for students

Southside Elementary teachers were wrapped in toilet paper by their students for Wild and Wacky Friday. Pictured left to right are Jennifer Dumas, Lorenzo Mooser, Instruction Specialist Marisol Rodriguez, Cynthia LaBernz, Kelsey McKee, Melissa Fonseca-Garcia, Dennis O'Dell, Gail Armitage, Christy Kunkel, Katherine Dalton, Jennifer Rawley and Melissa Moore.

Southside Elementary third-graders used their hard-earned school coupons to have a little fun with their teachers for Wild and Wacky Friday.

As an incentive, the students earn coupons for daily effort and use of strategies. Every third Friday after celebrating, students participate in a fun activity. Then, from each teacher’s class, two students names are drawn from the coupons to participate in the teacher activity.

This week third-grade students wrapped their teachers in toilet paper and the teachers happily allowed it.

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