Go Fund Me account set up to help Tarkington family with funeral expenses

The Henson family of Tarkington suffered a tremendous loss on Jan. 23, 2019, when three members were killed in a tragic crash. The deceased include father Mark, daughter, Jessee, and granddaughter, Lily. Pictured left to right are Jessee, Jordan, Lily and Brianna.

By Vanesa Brashier, editor@bluebonnetnews.com

A group of Tarkington friends who have become adept at fundraising are now using pooling their efforts and resources to help a family who was struck by tragedy Wednesday night.

Three members of the Henson family were killed in a two-vehicle crash on FM 163 south of SH 105 in Tarkington, including father Mark, daughter, Jessee, 16, and granddaughter, Lily Protain, 4. The Hensons’ other daughter, Jordan, 16, is in critical condition in Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston.

Mark Henson holds his granddaughter Lily’s hand as she shows off her western wear outfit. Both were killed Wednesday night in a crash in Tarkington.

“We’re trying to raise about $30,000 to cover the family’s funeral expenses and any other expenses they might have,” said Kevin Ward, a native of Tarkington. “If we can just get 1,000 friends to give $30 each, we can easily reach this goal.”

Ward and his friends do not personally know the Henson family, as they moved to the area in recent months, but are arranging the Go Fund Me with the family’s permission and with the assistance of Rev. Bobby Trayal, the family’s pastor at CrossWay Community Fellowship Church in Cleveland.

“We are a strong community and we need to be there for each other when tragedy occurs. The beautiful thing about being a small community is we are all family during a crisis,” Ward said. “I think the community can handle this. I know I hit everyone hard at Christmas, raising money for Santa’s Not So Little Helpers, but I am not asking for $100 from each. If we all give a small amount, then we can reach this goal and bless this family.”

Ward said he hopes the Go Fund Me account goal can be reached over the weekend. The funds will be given to Mark’s widow, Deb, as she plans funerals for her loved ones.

If you want to help, go online to https://www.gofundme.com/love-and-help-for-the-families-in-need

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