Splendora ISD welcomes new maintenance director

Rusty Lewis (right) is retiring from the position of maintenance director for Splendora ISD. He is being replaced by Eric Reimer.

For 25 years, the Maintenance Department at Splendora ISD has been quietly led by Rusty Lewis. At the end of February, Lewis will no longer receive calls in the middle of the night about a water leak, air conditioning problem, or sewer plant issue. Instead, he will forward those calls to his replacement, Eric Reimer.

Lewis began his career at Splendora ISD as an HVAC technician and then was later promoted to maintenance director. During that time he has seen many changes. He has seen new schools built and old buildings torn down. He has worked on every type of air conditioning system known to schools and repaired all types of roofing. Lewis is now ready for the next phase in his life; yet, he leaves the job in capable hands.

In December 2018, an interview team selected Eric Reimer, a 1996 graduate of Splendora High School who joined the United States Navy shortly after graduation. He served as machinist mate through three deployments overseas before choosing to honorably discharge in 2007 to spend more time with his family.

“After my service, my wife and I chose to come back to Splendora so our children could attend school in the district,” said Reimer.  

After his military career, Reimer was the facilities manager at the University of Houston Downtown and a system wide construction project director for Lone Star College.

Both men consider Splendora home.

“This place has always been home to me. No matter where I was at, if someone asked, I was from Splendora, Texas. I am so thankful that Splendora ISD let me and my family become a part of theirs and I will truly miss them,” said Lewis.

A hometown boy himself, Reimer said, “I am honored with the opportunity to become the new maintenance director at Splendora ISD.”

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