Dayton HS Bronco Athlete Awards announced

Dayton High School girls' cross country award winners

At the end of January, Dayton High School held its annual Bronco Athlete Awards, during which the following honors were announced:

  • Volleyball Heart Award – Skylar Craus and Taylor Ellis
  • Volleyball MVP Offense – Skyler Wagner
  • Volleyball MVP Defense – Belinda Torres
  • Lady Bronco Volleyball Award – Hannah Waller
  • Lady Bronco Cross Country MVP – Anali Torres
  • Bronco Cross Country MVP – Jesse Parrino
  • Football MVP Lineman – Jacob Sutphin
  • Football MVP Offensive Back – A.J. Nail
  • Football MVP Receiver – Jermond Lovely
  • Football MVP Linebacker – R.J. Orebo
  • Football MVP Defensive Back – Zach Pike
  • Football MVP Special Teams – Hedil Cuatianquiz
  • Zach Smith Fighting Spirit Award – Colby Vauter
  • Football Offensive Player of the Year – A. J. Nail
  • Football Defensive Player of the Year – Zach Pike

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