Hunt’s Picks: ‘The Fox’ is a story of intrigue involving computer hacks

By Melvin Hunt, book reviewer

In Fredrick Forsyth’s new book “The Fox,” the story centers around the National Security Agency (NSA) and its discovery that the Pentagon, FBI and the CIA have been hacked by a computer operator.

Untold amounts of damage have been done as a result of this hacking. They trace the hacking to an 18-year-old youth named Luke Jennings who has a form of high-functioning autism.

The head of the Government Communication Adrian Weston is called into action.The United States wants to take drastic action with Jennings. After Weston discovers how far-reaching Jennings’ hacking has gone, he proposes another technique to use against Jennings. With the help of the United States and Israel, they launch a master attack plan.

Jennings’ first target is a Russian battleship. Thanks to Jennings’ knowledge, the Russian battleship is grounded and cannot move. The Russians immediately start investigating.

The next target is Iran. With the help of Israel, Jennings is able to damage the Iranian navy. He is successful at causing damage to their atomic program. Iran has no idea how to respond. The next hostile nation to feel the wrath of Jennings is North Korea. He causes havoc with their nuclear program. It gets to the point that the Russians dispatch a sniper to kill Adrian Weston.

I highly recommend this book because of the subject matters that influence the world in modern times.

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